«Wetterfroscher» education program

«Wetterfroscher» education program

Zurich supports the "Wetterfroscher" junior weather forecaster program developed by Meteotest and has been involved in the development of the new chapters "Weather and Climate" and "Natural Hazards". The program is aimed at classes and teachers in primary school and fosters an understanding of the environment at an early age. In a fun and age-appropriate course, the kids learn how weather-related dangers puts people at risk and how they can protect themselves.

Zurich Switzerland is convinced that education provides important leverage for sensitization when it comes to dealing with climate change and natural hazards. By actively confronting these topics, children and adolescents get a better understanding of the impact of climate change, learn to recognize possible dangers and protect themselves.

With “Wetterfroscher”, Zurich Switzerland is becoming involved for the first time with a teaching module in Swiss schools. The teaching material is based on a program about the weather, which Meteotest already made available to the schools earlier. The topics of climate and climate change have now been expanded a great deal and generally reworked. The 76-page teaching material explains weather and climate phenomena at the appropriate level and encourages observations and experiments. 

During a double lesson, a Meteotest expert conducts thrilling experiments together with the children. A person dressed up as a frog encourages the kids to be curious and ask questions. Afterwards, the teacher expands on the topics of climate and weather over six weeks with the weather box that is provided and the workbook.

More information (in german): www.wetterfroscher.ch