Zurich Climate Prize

The challenge of climate change

Since 2011, Zurich has been promoting dialog regarding climate change and its risks to humanity and our environment through its Zurich Climate Prize. 

With this initiative on one hand we promote awareness of the complex issues relating to climate change and encourage people to take action. On the other hand, we reward promising and successful projects that work toward a climate-friendly economy and society. 

The Zurich Climate Prize supports ongoing and completed projects making an effective contribution toward reducing CO2 emissions, improving energy and resource efficiency or bringing about behavioral changes. 

The focus is on those areas of everyday life that exert the most stress on the climate and environment: Buildings & Housing, Production & Consumption, Transport & Mobility. 

The prize money awarded for the Zurich Climate Prize Switzerland & Liechtenstein amount to CHF 150,000. We award a main prize, three category prizes and a special prize for start-ups.

Zurich Climate Prize 2016 Award Ceremony

Zurich Climate Prize 2016 - we congratulate the winners!

The Zurich Climate Prize Switzerland & Liechtenstein was awarded for the third time on November 8, 2016. Projects that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by cutting resource consumption, increasing energy efficiency, or bringing about changes in behavior were sought. 97 projects were submitted and evaluated. The independent jury led by ETH Professor em René Schwarzenbach selected the five winners.

The Umwelt Arena in Spreitenbach offered the right platform, and Joachim Masur, CEO of Zurich Switzerland, had the honor of welcoming 200 project representatives and around 300 guests and customers who had been invited to the award ceremony. An impressive LED show from “The Blackouts” was a brilliant conclusion to the ceremony.

You can find out more about the winners for 2016 here.

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