Zurich Climate Dialogue

Zurich Climate Dialogue

A global commitment

For Zurich Insurance Group, addressing the changing climate is of central importance. After all, hedging current and future risks is, and will remain, our core business, and our responsibility.

In 2008, Zurich inaugurated a worldwide climate initiative based around three core activities:
  • Supplying information on the risks and consequences associated with climate change
  • Reducing our own CO2 emissions
  • Developing products and solutions aimed at protecting our clients

Climate protection and adapting to change are two inseparable strategies for dealing with climate change. Sustainable measures are important to drive both the necessary reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and the adaptation to climate change.

Zurich Climate Dialogue – since 2009

At Zurich Switzerland, we have long since adopted sustainable and future-oriented environmental and corporate policies, ensuring ecological behaviour is integrated into our business processes. Nevertheless, we found a lack of awareness in the market and among the population for the consequences of climate change. The complexity of the issue, and the fact that experts differed on the facts, was not helping the matter. Having recognised a need for more information, we developed a dialogue platform in 2009 where specialists and experts could present their views and outline the effects of climate change on Switzerland and its economy. In the same year, management decided to invest refunded CO2 steering tax contributions into the Zurich Climate Dialogue.
Since then, we have launched a number of innovative projects, including the Zurich Climate Prize for Switzerland & Liechtenstein and the Zurich Natural Hazard Radar. Thanks to our annual climate magazine, the permanent exhibition «Change the Picture» in the Umwelt Arena and the new «Wetterfroscher» education programme, we have developed instruments that help create widespread public awareness around climate change.

Zurich Climate Prize: 2009 – 2016

499 projects with one objective – climate protection. The Zurich Climate Prize was awarded to projects which help to reduce CO2 emissions by decreasing resource consumption, increasing energy efficiency or bringing about a change in behaviour. An independent jury of professional experts and business representatives evaluated submitted projects according to predetermined criteria and selected the winners.
Find out more about the winners and their projects here.