Application process

We are open to new things – are you?

Whether doctors or analysts, lawyers or journalists, managers or specialists – the insurance world needs diverse expert knowledge. People with various backgrounds and from a wide range of specialized areas come together here. Find your dream job and delve into our world. We look forward to seeing you!

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Application process

You apply online

Found a job advert that appeals to you? Then we'd welcome your application via the job portal. A contact will be listed in the advert. Feel free to contact them at any time if you have questions.

We review your application

Alongside the specialized department, we will check your application and get an idea of how well your profile fits the advertised position. We will do this as quickly as possible. If a particularly high number of applications are received, this step may take a little longer: Just as you put a lot of time and passion into your application, we want to take the time to study your documents, too.

First interview: You get to know your area of work

If you reach the shortlist with your application, your future line manager from the specialized department will invite you directly to an initial interview. This will give you both the opportunity to get to know one another better. In a personal interview, you can tell us what you would bring to the job and will have the opportunity to learn more about your possible new workplace and Zurich.

Our – and your – decision

After the second interview, we decide about which applicant best suits the advertized position and the team from our perspective. If you are that person, we will inform you verbally and extend an offer to you. Now it's your turn: Do you want to start working for Zurich? If so, we would be delighted to receive your acceptance and will issue your employment contract promptly.

Welcome to the team

We are delighted to welcome you as our new team member. We will support you with your induction through your personal onboarding program. We hope that you will experience a great deal of pleasure, fulfillment, exciting tasks and great colleagues at Zurich.

If it hasn't worked out

If 100 people apply for a position, 99 will end up disappointed. We try to communicate rejections in a manner that is fair, transparent and prompt. If you wish to know more about why things didn't work out, you can call us at any time. If we receive a particularly high number of applications, we may need a little more time to respond. But we will react as quickly as possible – that's a promise!