From theory to practice

Are you keen to enter professional life? Then you've come to the right place. Regardless of whether you’re still studying or already have a qualification in the bag, we’ll be happy to give you an insight into our professional world. Join us: as an intern, a working student, or a trainee – we’ll even support you with your bachelor’s or master’s degree.

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We’re looking for

  • Positive energy: Motivated and engaged students fit perfectly into our culture. 
  • Varied talents: Variety is the spice of life, so we need all sorts from analysts to visionaries.
  • Creative ideas: Innovators and lateral thinkers take us forward – make your own contribution here.
  • Flexible minds: Regardless of whether it’s part-time or full-time, we think and work flexibly – do you?
  • Proactive thinking: Together we will make Zurich fit for the future 
  • Varied knowledge: Regardless of whether you’ve studied literature or law, all subject areas are of interest to us.

Your entry-level career opportunities

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70 pages all for nothing? Not with us.

Do you have to write a dissertation for a bachelor’s or master’s degree? Write your masterpiece in cooperation with Zurich and make sure it never ends up in a drawer somewhere. We’ll give you an insight into the professional world of Zurich. On this basis, you write your dissertation on a topic relevant to practice and we will support you – from the introduction to the final word.

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Looking for the ideal start? Why not opt for the trainee program?

Got your degree? Congratulations! If you want a promising start in the professional world, this is the place to come. The Zurich Trainee Program offers you many possibilities: You work for 18 months in various areas of the company. In addition, we organize comprehensive training sessions for our trainees, as well as joint events.

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Are you keen to start putting things into practice?

Do you want to apply your knowledge practically? Bring your full personality to your involvement and identify what interests you. As an intern or a working student, you find out which tasks you enjoy doing and where you can best further develop your skills.

Internship or working student position

Are you quick and smart, curious and astute, and are you interested in the world of insurance? In that case, you should get to know us – as an intern or as a working student.

The important thing is that you are enrolled at a higher education institution and schedule sufficient time for your plans: 

  • As an intern, you will work with us for half a year with a workload of 80 or 100 percent to be agreed. 
  • As a working student, you will work for us in parallel to your degree course on a part-time basis with a workload of around 40 percent.

Our vacancies for students are advertised on our job portal. Simply enter key words such as internship, intern, or working student, and see whether something suitable comes up.

Support for bachelor’s/master’s thesis

Do you work independently and analytically, and would you like to write a practically oriented degree thesis? Bring your ideas to us and we’ll be happy to give you a look at our key areas of interest.

Send us an e-mail with your CV, along with your proposed topic, and at the same time let us know when you want to write the thesis. We will then check whether we can offer you our cooperation.

Submit topic by e-mail

Or keep an eye on our job portal to see whether a topic that we want to promote at the moment is also of interest to you. Our topics can be found under the keywords: Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis or thesis. 

Available topics on the job portal

Zurich Trainee Program

Will you be completing your bachelor’s or master’s in September, and are you looking forward to finally getting some hands-on experience after a long stretch of nothing but theory? Would you also like to acquire a little more experience before you definitely decide on a job? Then the Zurich Trainee Program could have been made for you. 

Our 18-month rotation program, followed by a permanent appointment, is perfect for fast-thinkers who are inquisitive and adaptable. You will work in various departments for eighteen months and at the same time expand your social and professional network at training sessions and other events. 

Interested? Now all we need is your application! 

Our trainee vacancies are advertised from March on, and they all start in September. Simply search for entry opportunities with the keyword “Zurich Trainee Program”. 

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Contact and events

Do you feel like getting to know our corporate culture before you start your job? Then we recommend that you come to our events.

You will learn a lot about the various job roles at Zurich, about our culture and your opportunities with us there. At the same time, young employees will tell you all about their experiences of starting a job after their degree.

Do you have any questions? Then write us an email: