Sustainability at Zurich Switzerland

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Sustainability at
Zurich Switzerland

Zurich wants to be one of the most responsible and effective companies in the world. After all, we have the knowledge and capabilities to make things happen – as an insurer, investor and employer, as well as in society and for the environment.

We are working to ensure a better future

We have a clear goal:
We want to be one of the most responsible and effective companies in the world.

Juan Beer, CEO Zurich Switzerland
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Help for people with a brain injury

A brain injury always comes unexpectedly and changes the lives of both those affected and their relatives. The patient organization FRAGILE Suisse is committed to helping such people. And Zurich supports them. The commitment goes goes well beyond conventional measures.

Our sustainability goals

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We are CO₂-neutral

Zurich has been CO₂-neutral since 2014.

Reached 100%
E-car charging station

Car fleet = 100% e-cars

Zurich Switzerland converts its car fleet to e-cars by 2025.

On track 30%
The achievement of the target depends on factors that Zurich Switzerland cannot influence (e.g. availability of e-vehicles).
Comfortable sofas and soft armchairs invite you to stay and sit a while in the Quai Café.

Sustainable menus & reduction of food waste

Zurich Switzerland offers a sustainable menu in its canteens in Switzerland and avoids food waste.

On track 75%
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Operations: Net-Zero by 2030

Zurich to reduce its CO2 emissions in Operations worldwide to zero by the end of 2030.

On track 15%
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Electricity from 100% renewable energy

Zurich Switzerland will only purchase electricity from 100% renewable energy sources as of 2021.

Reached 100%

Our success stories

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Corporate and Private Cyber Protection

Zurich strengthens society's trust in digitalization and offers companies and private individuals protection against damage related to IT and the Internet. Zurich enables effective prevention and support through expertise and payments in the event of a loss.
Crack in the ground.

Suppressed risk: Earthquakes

Earthquakes are the natural hazard with the greatest destructive potential in Switzerland. However, there is no mandatory insurance. With Zurich, homeowners can find the right protection.
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Almost 87 percent less paper used

On the way to a paperless office: Zurich Switzerland is becoming increasingly sustainable. Compared with 2015, the insurance company has reduced its internal paper consumption by almost 87 percent. And since spring 2020, Zurich Switzerland has only used recycled paper internally.
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Sustainably Mobile

Zurich promotes sustainable commuting among employees to reduce CO₂ emissions.
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Sustainable and healthy eating

With sustainable menus, recyclable packaging and the reduction of food waste, Zurich is striving to make its food operations sustainable on a permanent basis.
Volunteers collect rubbish.

Zurich supports associations and NGOs.

With benevol, Zurich Switzerland supports associations and non-profit organisations with expertise, discounts and information on insurance and legal issues in general.
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Climate-neutral investments by 2050

Zurich is one of the world's largest investors. The aim is not only to generate the highest possible returns. Environmental and social criteria play a key role too.

Fresh momentum for the mobility of tomorrow

Zurich is supporting the switch to electric vehicles. However, Zurich is also convinced that we should not just focus on one drive technology. That is why Zurich is supporting the project by H2 Energy to promote hydrogen propulsion.
Facade of the Quai Campus at Mythenquai in Zurich

Sustainable and built for the future

The head office of Zurich Insurance is at Mythenquai. The Quai Zurich Campus is a place that brings people together. It also stands for our values of modernity and sustainability.