Unfallversicherung für Aushilfspersonal

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Accident Insurance for Tem­po­rary Staff

More comprehen­sive insurance for temporary staff and interns. The benefits of the mandatory accident insurance often do not cover the accident-related financial losses of temporary staff and young interns who work less than eight hours per week. The Zurich Accident Insurance per-head system closes these gaps.

Benefits at a glance

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Supplemental insurance to compensate for any inadequate benefits resulting from mandatory LAI accident insurance
  • Closes gaps to mandatory accident insurance (occupational accidents only)
  • Comprehensive range of treatments with your choice of physician and hospital
  • Your choice of waiting periods for compensation insurance
  • Financial support for long-term disability
  • In the event of death, Zurich helps the survivors maintain their usual standard of living

More details

Temporary staff and interns who work less than eight hours per week also require adequate protection in case of accidents occurring in your place of business. The Zurich Accident Insurance per-head system is a valuable addition to your mandatory accident insurance.

Good to know

  • Zurich does not reduce benefits in cases of gross negligence
  • Payouts in the event of death or disability are not affected by benefits received from other insurers

In detail

Medical expenses insurance for temporary staff

  • Accommodation and treatment in an agreed-upon ward (private or semi-private)
  • Free choice of physician and hospital in Switzerland
  • Pays for emergency transport, rescue and recovery costs, search efforts up to CHF 20,000

Security in the event of short-term inability to work (compensation insurance)

  • Fixed daily benefit sum that does not take into account third-party benefits
  • In the event of a claim, the employee has to prove inability to work, but does not have to provide evidence of loss of income
  • Zurich pays per accident for a maximum of 720 days within five years following the accident

Supplement for hospitalization and health resort stays

  • Zurich pays benefits in the event of hospitalization to cover additional private expenses starting on the first day
  • Benefits are paid per accident for a maximum 1,800 days

One-off capital payment for permanent disability

  • The amount paid out increases with the degree of disability
  • Financial support for remodeling homes or apartments to make them accessible for the disabled
  • Zurich works fast to deliver funds needed in emergencies
  • Financial help with purchasing the necessary aids and appliances
  • Your choice of benefit alternatives: Zurich pays up to 350% of the sum insured

Additional protection in the event of death

  • Family care: one-time capital payment
  • Secures credit, loans or mortgages
  • Payment of funeral costs
  • Financing for the future college education of children
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Get back to work, fast

An employee has had an accident. Zurich supports their reintegration with a network of specialists and case management.

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Occupational health management

Healthy companies are more competitive. Zurich helps you to ensure that your employees remain healthy and recover as quickly as possible after an illness or accident.

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