Recreational accidents: Training enables prevention

Woman is training on Zurich vitaparcours

Recreational accidents: Training enables prevention

Most companies focus on occupational accident prevention, but two thirds of all accidents occur during leisure time. Regular physical training sessions, on the Zurich vitaparcours for example, can help people avoid such accidents and minimize harm when they do occur. It is thus worth raising awareness among employees.
Every year some 900,000 accidents are reported to Swiss insurers, roughly 600,000 of which occur in a non-work-related setting. Two thirds of all accidents therefore occur during leisure time. And nearly two thirds of the total cost borne by accident insurers of approximately 5 billion Swiss francs annually is attributable to such accidents.

Prevention can protect against accidents

Employers have a range of possibilities for reducing the risk of occupational accidents. These include making changes to the work environment, heightening employee awareness and ensuring occupational safety. These measures can serve effectively to lower risk and reduce direct and indirect costs resulting from employee absences. 

Employers have less influence over what their employees do in their free time. Yet the consequences for the company are the same regardless of whether an employee breaks a leg in a fall at work or while skiing at the weekend. It is thus important to raise awareness among employees on preventing recreational accidents: Regular physical training sessions can reduce the risk of recreational accidents or at least mitigate the consequences of accidents that do occur.

Physically fit individuals have fewer and less serious accidents

"Individuals who have better strength, endurance and flexibility thanks to physical fitness are better able to react in hazardous situations and thus often avoid falling victim to accidents," explains Ralph Echensperger, Chief Claims Officer at Zurich Switzerland. Physically fit people suffer less serious injuries generally from a fall or bruising if they do occur. A fit body recovers faster and better too, meaning that holistic physical fitness plays a key role in accident prevention.

Proper training to effectively avoid sporting injuries

Dr. Andreas Rindlisbacher, retired deputy head physician at Zug Cantonal Hospital and an experienced traumatologist, has this to say about sporting accidents: "Training deficits are the main reason why amateur athletes suffer sports injuries. Studies show that potential injuries and their severity can be significantly reduced by undergoing the right training."

Zurich vitaparcours: The most beautiful training to prevent accidents

Ralph Echensperger says that the Zurich vitaparcours are a very good option for holistically training the body and thereby reducing accidents: "The courses train strength, endurance and flexibility at the same time. This is why, as one of Switzerland's largest accident insurers, we have been dedicated to the Zurich vitaparcours for 55 years." Andreas Rindlisbacher also notes: "The integrated exercises of the Zurich vitaparcours mean they are among the cross-sport physical training formats that are beneficial for preventing sports injuries."

The Zurich vitaparcours

  • The 500 courses found throughout Switzerland are open 24/7.
  • Across an average length of 2.3 km, there are 15 permanently installed fitness stations.
  • A new app provides a course finder, a training guide and individual training plans.
  • The Zurich vitaparcours is a project jointly funded by the VITA Parcours Foundation, local sponsors and Zurich Switzerland.

Why the Zurich vitaparcours are so effective for prevention

  • Signs along the route and the app provide helpful tips regarding fitness training and sports injury prevention.
  • The targeted exercises develop flexibility, dexterity, strength and endurance, which are all important for preventing (more serious) injuries and accidents.
  • All Zurich vitaparcours exercises are designed on the basis of sports science and undergo testing by the Center for Accident Prevention (CAP).
  • The vitaparcours exercises inject a nature experience into physical fitness, and now the new app makes working out even more fun. Employees are motivated to take advantage of the offering, thereby effectively contributing to the prevention of recreational accidents.
  • For further information on accident prevention see the website of the Center for Accident Prevention (CAP): SafetyKits: Accident prevention made easy | CAP

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