Kautionsversicherung & Garantieversicherung


Guarantees and Warranties

Zurich as guarantor for your business: Are clients, business partners or government bodies demanding a guarantee or other security from your company? Zurich Guarantee and Surety Insurance prevents liquidity shortfalls and builds trust between business partners.

Benefits at a glance

  • Zurich offers insurance for various guarantees and warranties
  • With a solution from Zurich, you ease your credit line with banks to give yourself more financial freedom
  • Zurich works with you to develop a completely customized solution
  • Contractor’s liability can be taken out online

More details

Whether contractor’s liability or suretyship: Zurich Guarantee and Surety Insurance offers a range of options that can be tailored to your specific circumstances.

Good to know

  • The premium for your guarantee and surety insurance is calculated based on the guarantee amount, the duration of the insurance benefit and your company’s credit rating.

Advance payment guarantee

  • Zurich guarantees advance payment that your company receives from your client
  • If your company is unable to fulfill its contractual requirements, Zurich serves as guarantor for the reimbursement of these advance payments

Execution guarantee

  • If your company does not complete work according to contract, Zurich acts as guarantor toward your client

Work guarantee

  • Zurich guarantees the costs of resolving latent defects that arise only after the work has been accepted, when your company is no longer able to do so
  • By taking out a work guarantee, your company will be repaid the amount held back for this purpose (usually 5% to 10% of the building sum)

HR agency guarantee

  • The law states that HR agencies must pay a surety to be used to remunerate their employees in the event of insolvency
  • Zurich is a key partner for many companies in this sector

Customs bonds

  • Customs bonds allow for faster and thus cheaper customs clearance processes
  • Zurich serves as guarantor toward the Swiss Directorate General of Customs for the timely settlement of your unpaid customs liabilities
Exterior of a building.

Risk pro­tec­tion for prop­er­ties

Office real estate or apartment blocks – real estate insurance protects against financial losses in the event of claims.

Two men with protective clothing talking at a construction site.

Protection for con­struc­tion projects

Protect yourself and your construction project from unpleasant surprises. Builder’s risk and principal’s liability insurance is the ideal solution.

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