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Zurich has been guarding customers against risk for nearly 150 years. Whether a startup, an established family firm or an international enterprise, we assist and advise our customers to implement tailored solutions, offering comprehensive protection for their business, including employees and family members.

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Zurich SME Magazine issue 5 published on September 20, 2021

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Inform yourself about new trends, read captivating company portraits and learn important facts about your most biggest risks as an SME – and how you can mitigate them.

SMEs are insured with Zurich
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years of professional experience have our corporate client advisors on average

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Thank you! Switzerlands needs people like you. People with ideas, energy and motivation. People who realize their ideas, stimulate markets with new products and create new jobs. 

Follow the example of 1,000 start-ups every year and rely on the expertise of your Zurich adviser.

Smart solutions


Cyber Insurance for SME's

2 out of 5 Swiss SMEs have already experienced a cyber attack. Zurich helps you manage the consequences, whether this be a business interruption, loss of data, or claims for damages from customers and partners.

Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial Liability Insurance

Wherever people work, mistakes will be made. If third parties suffer losses due to your operation or your employees, your company together with its assets will be held liable. Zurich provides optimal protection against these kinds of unpredictable risks.

Group daily sickness benefits insurance

This type of insurance covers the costs imposed by the law, that ask businesses to continue paying their employees when sick or on maternity leave.


A doctor sits at the table and looks at an X-ray image

LAI explained – simply and concisely

How does mandatory accident insurance actually work – and who is covered? Our compact guide has answers to all the important questions on the subject.
Three bakery employees kneading dough

Taking action for the employees

John Baker attaches great importance to a healthy work environment. Zurich as an insurance company provides support.
Owners of Weibel in front of their garage

Well protected thanks to commercial liability insurance

Whenever a mistake occurs, Zurich's commercial liability insurance is ready to step in. This has also been the experience of autoweibel AG in Aarberg.
Man in bakery

John Baker: Out of love for artisan bakery

Prepared fresh daily and sold with great charm, John Baker's culinary treats provide moments of enjoyment far and wide. What once started small has become a Zurich success story.
Female coworkers discussing work in office

Which insurance is right for you?

The SME Check provides you with an overview of the risks affecting your startup and how you can protect yourself. This makes it easy for you to put together your own personal insurance package.
Woman using an analysis device

Hackers set their sights on hospitals.

Hospitals bear great responsibility for their patients. This makes hacker attacks all the more dangerous for them.