Zurich Cyber Insurance

Benefits at a glance

  • We support you in protecting your company against cyber risks – with free sensitivity training for your employees as well as a detailed risk assessment through our partner firm with preferential conditions for Zurich customers.
  • The coverages are described clearly and simply. You therefore know at any time what is insured and what is not.
  • The comprehensive additional coverage options take sector-specific needs and new risks into account.
  • Through our Zurich specialists as well as our professional partner network, we can competently support you in the event of a claim and you are free to choose the service provider.
  • We will not only work to resolve the incident but also examine the causes and help you fix any flaws for the future.

Insurance benefits


Together with our partner, we support you in minimizing cyber risks for your organization.

  • Human beings are the weakest links when it comes to cyber security. We therefore offer you and your employees online cyber security training.
  • We help you detect and redress vulnerabilities. As a Zurich customer you can have a security assessment completed by our partner firm at preferential conditions.

Insurance coverage

Our coverage solutions offer you the exact insurance solution you require.

  • We pay for the recovery of your systems and data.
  • We assist you if customers or partners file claims for damages.
  • We safeguard you against business interruption and additional costs (optional).
  • We will compensate you if you fall victim to fraud or theft (optional).

Claims management

A quick and adequate intervention in the event of an emergency is crucial if the measures are to succeed.

  • Available 24/7: Our crisis management will provide you with assistance around the clock.
  • You can choose between your IT partner or an expert from our network.
  • We help you with IT problems and also have the right partners available when it comes to legal matters or if the reputation of your company is at stake.

Cyber risks for SME clients

 To make sure the hacker's attack does not turn into a catastrophe for you.

Our advisory services

Protect yourself - we will be happy to advise you.