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Vita - Occupational retirement provision for companies

Vita offers occupational pension plans for companies of all sizes. The Vita Collective Foundations and Zurich jointly handle all occupational retirement provision matters. More than 25,000 companies with around 200,000 employees trust our retirement provision solutions.

Good reasons to choose Vita


Vita takes ESG sustainability criteria into account and pursues holistic portfolio management.


You and your employees will benefit from top conditions on insurance and investment solutions from Zurich.

Vita retirement provision solutions

Vita Classic

Vita Classic is the blockbuster in the Vita family of products for companies of all sizes and structures that value flexible and needs-based occupational retirement provision. Active and retired persons, as well as new and existing contracts, receive a balanced share of the investment income.

Vita Invest

With Vita Invest, the retirement provision solution is optimally tailored to the needs of the company. It eliminates undesirable redistributions, increases return opportunities and maximizes retirement assets.

Vita Plus

For those who do not wish to forgo a capital guarantee in their super-mandatory retirement provision, Vita Plus offers full supplementary insurance for pension savings and risk coverage.

Solutions for the companies in Liechtenstein

Zurich offers solutions for occupational retirement provision for companies in Liechtenstein in cooperation with the LLB Vorsorgestiftung für Liechtenstein (LVST). This cooperation was agreed as part of the withdrawal of the Malbun Joint Foundation of Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd from Liechtenstein in 2019.

The familiar contacts partners remain available for the existing insured of the Malbun Joint Foundation.

In the event of new inquiries, please contact the Zurich, Generalagentur Robert Wilhelmi in Vaduz or the LVST office.

  • The LLB Vorsorgestiftung für Liechtenstein (LVST) is a leading, widely-diversified provider for occupational retirement provision in Liechtenstein.
  • The LVST was established in 2005 and is distinguished by stable growth, continuous expansion of services and many years of experience in the local pension market.
  • The LVST offers a partially autonomous pension solution with low costs and an attractive interest yield.
  • The LVST company portal permits uncomplicated administration and employees of the office are pleased to take care of your concerns and occupational retirement provision personally.

You can find more information about cooperation with the LVST at www.vorsorgestiftung.li

Solutions for companies with an internationally mobile workforce

International companies that employ mobile employees across borders need a partner who understands their special needs. Therefore, Zurich has developed risk solutions for international customers that take into account the international mobility of employees.

  • A single, globally consistent risk solution to cover life, health, accident and disability
  • Attractive premiums and low administration costs
  • Sum insured and benefits can be freely selected and combined
  • Payment and plan options in different currencies
  • Zurich is a specialist for locations with increased risk and for high sums insured

Zurich has more than 30 years of experience in international business – as a global insurer with 60,000 employees in 170 countries, we know what matters.

Retirement provision administration at the click of a button

With Vita's online employee pension plan, you can manage your company's occupational retirement provision for (your) staff digitally at any time.

Don't have a personal login yet?
This is how fair play works in occupational retirement provision

Protect your savings

More and more insured persons and companies are no longer saving for themselves – as originally intended in the 2nd pillar – but are involuntarily financing others. Read here how big this problem is and what Vita's commitment to more fair play in the occupational retirement provision system looks like.

Frequently asked questions

What are the arguments in favor of occupational retirement provision with Vita?

The Vita Collective Foundations work closely with Zurich to provide you with the best possible occupational retirement provision. While the collective foundations are responsible for investing the pension savings in the best interests of the insured, Zurich is responsible for risk insurance, customer and benefit services and servicing.

Fair play is the top priority: we pursue a sustainable and transparent investment strategy in order to accumulate the highest possible retirement savings capital for our insured persons. At the same time, we strive to minimize unintentional redistribution from active insured persons to beneficiaries.

Since companies’ needs differ greatly regarding their occupational retirement provision, Vita offers four different retirement provision solutions. During the needs assessment, we determine together which solution best suits your company in terms of employee structure, risk benefits, investment strategy and degree of self-determination.

You can find out more about our retirement provision solutions by phone (0800 80 80 80), email (bvg@vita.ch) or in a personal meeting.


www.vita.ch – Find an advisor

Why does Vita offer four different retirement provision solutions?

The fact that we offer four different retirement provision solutions is due to the different needs of our customers. Which of the four products best suits your company depends, among other things, on the structure of your employees, their risk tolerance and the desired degree of self-determination.

Vita Classic, our most widely used offering and one of the largest semi-autonomous collective foundations in Switzerland, offers companies of all sizes and structures a flexible, needs-based and comprehensive retirement provision solution. The investments are diversified, sustainable and efficient. Investment income, including any additional income, is distributed automatically and fairly to the insured. The level of risk benefits and savings credits can be adjusted to your company's current situation at any time.

With Vita Invest, the retirement provision assets of the affiliated company are invested at all times to match its structure and strength. In addition, each company receives its own balance sheet and income statement, as with a proprietary pension fund. This prevents redistribution from the active insured to pensioners as well as to other companies, and the capital generated benefits your employees in full. During retirement, the capital is invested in a balanced manner, and the earnings are paid out as an annuity bonus in addition to the fixed pension. Vita Invest is suitable both for basic provision and as a supplement as part of a purely supplementary retirement provision.

Vita Plus is a supplement to the mandatory retirement provision that allows you to insure death and disability benefits as well as retirement savings capital with a full capital guarantee. Vita Plus is ideal if you want to offer your management employees an additional incentive.

With Vita Select, the insured persons determine the investment strategy and the amount of the individual savings contributions themselves, both of which they can adapt to their life situations. Vita Select is the right choice if you want to offer your management employees more attractive conditions and greater self-determination in their retirement provision.


We have founded a company and are looking for an affordable yet comprehensive and good retirement provision solution. Which product would be suitable?

For newly established companies, we recommend Vita Classic. With our most widely used retirement provision solution, you can flexibly structure risk benefits and savings credits and adapt them to the situation in your company at any time. Retirement provision assets are broadly diversified and sustainably and efficiently invested. With the online employee pension plan, you can handle most of the administration for Vita Classic digitally. You have access to all data via the online tool and can make all kinds of changes yourself.

If you have any questions, our experts are also available by phone (0800 80 80 80) or email.
If you would like a quote directly, you can request one online.


We aim for high returns when managing our retirement provision assets. What options do we have?

Achieving good returns and distributing sustainable interest for the insured is a fundamental goal of Vita Collective Foundations. At the same time, it is particularly important in the case of retirement provision that assets are invested safely. How high the return potential of an investment is depends primarily on the equity ratio.

With our standard Vita Classic solution, the equity ratio is 30%. If you wish to have a higher share of equity, you have two options. The Vita Invest retirement provision solution allows an equity ratio of up to 50% – if your company has the necessary risk capacity. With Vita Select, employees with an annual salary of CHF 129,060 or more can determine the investment strategy themselves; the maximum possible equity ratio is 65%.

Can we choose the investment strategy for our pension fund assets ourselves?

The Vita Invest and Vita Select retirement provision solutions are available if you wish to determine the investment strategy for the retirement provision assets in the super-mandatory area yourself. With Vita Invest, you can choose between the three investment profiles – "dynamic," "progressive" and "balanced" – based on your company's risk capacity. With Vita Select, on the other hand, each insured person can decide for themselves which of the eight available strategies will be used to invest their retirement provision assets for salary components above CHF 130,000 per year.

What is meant by redistribution in occupational retirement provision?
Are our employees affected by this?

The idea behind occupational retirement provision is that all insured persons save for themselves and build up their own retirement assets, which are then used to finance their later retirement benefits. However, over recent decades, the framework conditions have changed fundamentally. Life expectancy has risen sharply, meaning that a retired person’s retirement savings capital has to last longer and longer. In addition, the number of pensioners compared to active insured is also increasing. Interest rates, on the other hand, have fallen. The current conversion rates are too high, because they assume a shorter life expectancy. This creates a funding gap. In order to plug this gap, today's working population will have to forgo part of the returns on their retirement savings capital for the benefit of those claiming a pension – this leads to unintentional redistribution from active insured persons to pension beneficiaries.

This unintentional redistribution is a fundamental problem of occupational retirement provision, and even those insured by the Vita Collective Foundations are not completely protected from this. To keep redistribution as low as possible, we use a fair, flexible process and regularly alter the guaranteed minimum interest rate in line with market conditions.

Vita Invest offers an opportunity to avoid this cross-financing entirely. With this solution, you set up your own pension scheme with its own balance sheet and accounting – and your employees'  retirement provision assets are managed independently of the overall collective. By joining Vita Invest, companies benefit from having their own pension fund while at the same time outsourcing risks and implementation tasks.

Further information

Does Vita have an online tool to administer processes involving occupational retirement provision?

With the Vita Collective Foundations, they can conveniently administer their occupational retirement provision via the Internet. We call this the online employee pension plan. The online tool provides access to contracts, personal data, retirement provision strategies, account statements, the cost/benefits statement of your retirement provision solution and a status overview. You can also use the online employee pension plan to make changes to personnel (entry, exit, retirement, in the event of death, inability to work or salary changes) and your company. You can also enter your annual salary registrations online.

To use the online employee pension plan, you need a personal login that you can request on our website.

Online employee pension plan for Vita Classic & Plus

If you have any questions regarding usage or technical problems, we can provide you with information by phone (+41 44 628 40 40) or email (ewp.support@zurich.ch).

Online employee pension plan for supplementary insurance

A separate online tool is available for the Vita Invest and Vita Select retirement provision solutions.
To use it, please contact the respective customer service department.

Our company has its own pension fund. Do Vita Collective Foundations offer investment and risk reinsurance solutions for proprietary pension funds?

Zurich offers suitable solutions for the investment and risk reinsurance of proprietary pension funds with its more than 150 years of experience in these areas. While Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd can rely on a high level of expertise in the area of risk coverage, Zurich Invest Ltd, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Zurich, manages more than CHF 22 billion in retirement provision assets in Zurich Investment Foundation, the largest bank-independent investment fund in Switzerland.

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