Construction Business Insurance

Construction Business Insurance

The construction industry comprises business offering services in relation with building, expansion, maintenance and demolition of living and working spaces. Get your Construction Business Insurance directly online. Fill in the form and get a quote in a few minutes.

What insurance should you consider?

People who work in the construction industry are exposed to many risks. From working on the roof to operating dangerous machines - there are many ways to get injured. Few industries take safety as seriously as the construction industry. Nevertheless, accidents can always happen.

Frequent risks

property damage due to repair work

The damage often occurs as a result of repair work on the customer's premises. This can be caused, for instance, by a washbasin slipping to the floor during assembly and shattering a number of tiles. The commercial liability insurance covers these costs.

Machine damaged

Employees incorrectly insert a part to be processed into the CNC milling machine at the company. That damages the spindle, the motor and the equipment. Machinery insurance by Zurich covers the costs  for the incurred damage.


One morning, a roofer finds the entrance gate and the warehouse broken up. Overnight burglars stole valuable machines and computers. The property insurance cover the costs.

Frequently asked questions

What are sub-sectors of the construction industry?
Is my company part of the construction industry?

  • Air conditioning systems - installation
  • Bricklaying business
  • Building demolition
  • Carpenter's shop; chalet construction; lumber construction
  • Carpentry shop with construction work; construction carpentry shop
  • Chimney construction
  • Civil engineering company - without special civil engineering; bridge and tunnel building
  • Construction company; construction firm; civil engineering - without steel; light metal and timber construction
  • Electrician; electric installation
  • Floor layer: parquett; linoleum; plastic coatings, etc.
  • Floor layer: Underlays
  • Gutters; building gutters -without work on heating and sanitary installation
  • Heating installations
  • Installation business for electrical installations
  • Installation business for gas installations
  • Installation business for water installations; sanitary installations
  • Insulation of roofs; walls; floors; cables
  • Metal worker for sanitary installation - without heating installation
  • Metal worker without heating and sanitary installation
  • Oven construction; oven fitting
  • Overhead line construction - installation
  • Painting business - without work on motor vehicles
  • Paving firm
  • Plasterer
  • Road-building
  • Roller shutters - installation
  • Roofing workshop
  • Savings and loan association
  • Scaffolding construction; scaffolding rental
  • Smiths without harm to animals
  • Tiler

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