Sports, arts, entertainment and recreation Business Insurance

Sports, arts, entertainment and recreation Business Insurance

This sector comprises companies, associations and clubs offering services related to leisure activities, sport and the arts. Get your Sports, arts, entertainment and recreation Business Insurance directly online. Fill in the form and get a quote in a few minutes.

What insurance should you consider?

Sport, art and leisure have never been so important as they are today. This results in a lot of entrepreneurial potential - and the opportunity to turn one's own passion into a career and share it with other interested parties. But many activities are also associated with risks. People who work in the leisure sector should be clear about their risks and protect themselves accordingly.

Frequent risks


Because of severe depression, a soccer player is 100% on sick leave for one year. The continued payment of wages is covered by the daily sickness benefit insurance. During this time, the affected person and his soccer club are accompanied by a specialized case manager

Accident with customers

Because the tour leader has misjudged the weather conditions, a group of skiers is caught in an avalanche. Two people are seriously injured, one even becomes partially disabled. Zurich's professional liability insurance covers the costs in case of corresponding liability.

Customer does not want to pay

A sculptor designs the sculpture of a famous citizen for a community. But his unconventional work of art does not convince the local council at all. His representatives refuse to pay the agreed sum. Thanks to his commercial legal protection, the artist can defend himself. 

Frequently asked questions

What are sub-sectors of the sports, arts, entertainment and recreation industry?
Is my company part of the sports, arts, entertainment and recreation industry?

  • Amusement arcade
  • Art dealer; painting dealer - retail trade
  • Arts and crafts studio
  • Boat hire
  • Botanic garden
  • Bowling center
  • Box club
  • Boy Scouts sections and similar youth organizations
  • Casino; spa assembly room
  • Cassettes - music - production
  • Circus; varieté; carny
  • Club house
  • Cultural associations and clubs - other cultural associations and clubs
  • Dance school
  • Entertainment/movie theater/theater
  • Fencing club
  • Field hockey club
  • Fitness club; school for gymnastic fitness wellness
  • Golf club
  • Gym club
  • Handball club
  • Hunting; game warden
  • Ice hockey club
  • Ice skating club
  • Judo-; jiu-jitsu club
  • Leisure park; amusement park
  • Light athletics - clubs
  • Mountain guides
  • Museum
  • Music association
  • Orchestral association
  • Painter
  • Roller skate hockey club
  • Rowers' club
  • Sailing club
  • Sailing school; surfing school; kite surfing school
  • Sculptor's studio
  • Shooting range
  • Singing club
  • Ski club
  • Soccer club
  • Sport schools; riding school; skiing school; parachute jumping school; hang-gliding school
  • Sports associations and sport clubs: boy scout department, etc.
  • Sports associations and sport clubs: cycling club; bicycle club
  • Sports associations and sport clubs: other sports associations and sport clubs:
  • Sports associations and sport clubs: riding club; cavalry club
  • Sports associations and sport clubs: rifleman's club; shooting club
  • Sports associations and sport clubs: Swiss-style wrestling-; wrestling club
  • Sports centers; artificial ice rink; ice rink
  • Sports coaches; competitive athletes; members of sports associations
  • Sports facilities; mini-golf course
  • Sports facilities; swimming pool -open air swimming pool; indoor swimming pool; outdoor public swimming pool; outdoor saltwater swimming pool
  • Sports facilities; tennis facility; -club
  • Sports facility
  • Swimming club
  • Tennis club
  • Tennis court construction
  • Theater
  • Theater club
  • Theatrical agency; concert agency
  • Ticket office; advance sales
  • Volleyball club
  • Waterball club
  • Wild animals - zoo
  • Yacht club
  • Zoo for children - petting zoo

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