Alternatives to a car

Alternatives to owning a car

Borrowing your parents' car for a short trip or riding to work on an e-bike: more and more people no longer have a car of their own. If you want to be carefree on the road even when using alternative forms of mobility, you should clarify the insurance situation in advance.

Good to know

Direct right to claim for damage caused by cars

In Switzerland, there is a direct right to claim for damage caused by a car. This means that the person who has suffered damage can assert a claim directly against the vehicle owner's insurance company.

Insurance for occasional driving

If you occasionally drive someone else's vehicle, we recommend that you take out third-party driver's insurance as part of your personal liability insurance. "Occasional driving" means less than 26 days per year.

Fast and slow e-bikes

For pedal-assisted e-bikes capable of speeds of up to 45 km/h, you need a yellow license plate and liability insurance. Pedal-assisted e-bikes capable of speeds of up to 25 km/h are treated like ordinary bicycles.

Frequently asked questions about alternative forms of mobility

Do you occasionally drive a borrowed vehicle and don't know who is liable in the event of damage? Do you have an e-bike and wonder whether you need to insure it? You will find answers to these and other questions in our FAQ.

Stay mobile

Enjoy the ride: We will cover you in the event of a claim.
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Contents Insurance

Contents insurance gives tenants and owners comprehensive coverage for their worldly possessions.

Handover of keys for rental car or carsharing

Insurance for rental cars and carsharing

Avec les véhicules de location ou de car sharing, les accidents peuvent vite devenir coûteux, notamment en raison de la franchise élevée. L’assurance «Véhicules de location et de car sharing» vous permet de rouler l’esprit tranquille.

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Bicycle insurance

Comprehensive cover for bicycles and e-bikes: take out insurance online in just a few steps.

Personal Liability Insurance

Private liability insurance

A claim involving third parties or property can quickly become expensive. Private liability insurance gives you comprehensive, worldwide coverage.

Alternative mobility guide

It doesn't always have to be your own car. Our guide features useful information about alternative forms of mobility.