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Do you like paying tax? Probably not. That is why we have put together some valuable tax-saving tips for you and explain how you can make provisions for old age and save money at the same time.

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Retirement provision and tax savings

Your payments into pillar 3a are tax deductible: Up to 7,056 francs if you are employed, or up to 20 percent of your income, but not more than 35,280 francs if, for example, you are self-employed and have no pension fund. For every 1,000 francs paid in, you can save between 150 and 400 francs each year, depending on your income and place of residence.

Make retirement provision and realize some dreams

With life insurance 3b, you are more flexible and can save for big dreams such as a house. You are allowed to pay in as much as you want, but in many cantons you are not allowed to deduct anything from your taxable income. On the other hand, however, the payout is usually tax-free if you have saved for at least five years or ten years with a fund solution.

Which provision is suitable for you?

Pillar 3a

With a restricted pension plan you save for old age. You should pay each year into your pillar 3a solution up to the maximum amount, from the age of 18 to 65. In this way you can make provisions for old age, close possible income shortfalls after retirement, and save on tax at the same time.

Pillar 3b

With an unrestricted pension plan, you can save for your big wishes. Pillar 3b with life insurance is suitable for everyone from the age of 18 to 66 who can and wants to save more than is possible in pillar 3a. On the other hand, however, the deductibility of payments is limited. 

Single premium in pillar 3b

Income from assets is taxed as income. You can reduce your tax burden with a single premium contribution. This makes sense for everyone up to the age of 66 who wants to invest capital for ten years or longer and does not want to withdraw anything before they reach the age of 60.

Pension fund

Buying into the pension fund is recommended for anyone who can afford to make a purchase. It makes sense to spread the payments over several years, as this allows you to stop tax progression and save more tax than with a single premium purchase.

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Free pension advice

Get to know your personal retirement provision situation. Close possible gaps so you can look to the future in a relaxed manner. Get some pension advice now.

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Save with insurance coverage

Premium Life: save, make retirement provisions and protect your family.

Unit-linked life insurance

With Zurich's CapitalFund unit-linked life insurance, you can build up assets for retirement. What's more, you can also insure yourself against the risks of disability or death.

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Invest like a professional

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Retirement savings account 3a

Zurich Retirement Savings Account 3a: accumulate wealth and save taxes.

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Children′s insurance

With Zurich Junior, you protect your child from the financial consequences of disability – and build up savings to ensure a successful start in adult life.


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