Zurich EmploymentRisk

Disability Insurance

If you are unable to work following an accident or illness, there can be dire financial consequences. Zurich EmploymentRisk lets you secure your income in the event of disability – allowing you and your family to maintain your standard of living.


Full pension

You will receive your full pension starting from a 66.6% disability.



In the event of disability following illness, Zurich will pay regardless of any benefits from third parties.


Iclusions with liferisk

The disability pension can also be taken out together with a death benefit insurance in the same contract and thus save premiums.


  • Financial security in the event of disability due to illness and, as an option, after an accident
  • Disability pension safeguards your income and closes gaps in pillar 1 and 2 provisions
  • Maintain a standard of living – for you and your family
  • You specify your own premium according to your needs and abilities
  • Zurich continues to pay your premium if you suffer a loss of income
  • Tax savings from loss of earnings insurance under pillar 3a when taken out with an advisor

More details

With the disability insurance Zurich EmploymentRisk , you can rest easy knowing that your financial obligations will be met if you are unable to work. Disability income insurance safeguards your income and your usual standard of living, and provides effectively for your family.

At a glance

For everybody

  • Your coverage by loss of earnings: protect your income in the event of disability
  • Flexible pension solution adapted to your needs and abilities
  • Zurich pays your premiums if you become disabled
  • Tax savings: disability insurance is subject to tax relief as part of pillar 3a

Especially suitable for young adults, families, cohabiting couples and self-employed persons

  • Close any gaps in provisions in pillars 1 and 2 that arise for young people in particular
  • Maintain your usual standard of living thanks to a disability pension
  • Disability income insurance lets you close any gaps in retirement savings if you are not a member of a pension fund or do not have accident insurance

Good to know

  • Conventional illness compensation insurance pays a daily allowance, usually for a maximum of 730 days, but with Zurich disability insurance these payments continue until you reach retirement age
  • This insurance is effective in the event of disability as a result of illness; you can also choose to include the consequences of accidents
  • The minimum insurable disability pension is CHF 6,000 per year; the minimum term is 3 years
  • After a waiting period, Zurich will cover your regular premium costs if you become disabled
  • Any surplus participation will be deducted directly from the premium

Our advisory service

Individual analysis of your needs and abilities forms the basis for optimum financial protection. We would be glad to advise you.
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