Travel insurance

Solution forfaitaire individuelle

Individual package solution

You have a choice between three package solutions and individual modules. Your advantage: You only pay for what you really need.


Protected throughout Europe

Our optional breakdown assistance is valid for all of the insured persons’ motor vehicles (up to 3,500 kg total weight) in Europe.

Annulation sans frais

Cancel free of charge

You do not need to conclude a separate cancellation cost insurance policy for your vacation: It is included as part of your coverage and applies to all trips you take during the duration of the policy.

  • If you become ill or have an accident or the transportation company goes bankrupt before your trip, Zurich pays the cancellation costs
  • Zurich provides support in an emergency during your trip and, for example, rescue and repatriation costs
  • In the event of road accidents or theft abroad, we will safeguard your legal interests
  • Our Home Care Service also gives you a feeling of security when emergencies happen at home
  • Your free 24-hour service line in the event of a loss in Switzerland is 0800 80 80 80; dial +41 44 628 98 98 from anywhere else in the world
  • Benefit from a premium discount of up to 30% on the Zurich Relax Assistance package solutions if you have other insurance policies with Zurich

More details

With Zurich Relax Assistance in your suitcase, you are well prepared for any unforeseen incidents and emergencies. You can buy travel insurance online for yourself or every person in your household.

Cancellation costs

  • If you or someone close to you, such as a family member, partner or close relative, has a serious accident or becomes very sick before a trip, we pay cancellation costs in accordance with contractual terms and statutory law
  • If you are unable to travel because the transport company has gone bankrupt, we will cover the costs for the trip you originally booked
  • Applies to vacation arrangements, foreign language and holiday course stays, air, rail and sea travel and to rentals of holiday apartments, boats, cars and campers/caravans
  • If your dog or cat has an accident or falls ill and cannot be taken to a boarding kennel, Zurich assumes cancellation costs
  • Ticket costs for concerts, theater performances and other events with ticket prices of CHF 100 or more are also insured
  • Zurich pays costs up to CHF 20,000 per person, per incident (max. CHF 80,000 for all persons living in the household)
  • Professional training courses of several days' duration with booked accommodation are also covered, up to a total of CHF 5,000
  • Pandemic cover, including quarantine at your destination and in Switzerland

Global travel insurance

  • In the event of a serious illness or accident, we will organize and pay the costs of your return journey
  • Zurich also pays the costs, for example, of search, rescue and transport (max. CHF 30,000)
  • Additional costs up to CHF 1,000 arising from an insured event for transport, accommodation and food/drink are insured
  • If the means of transport you selected is unavailable because the operator is insolvent, extra travel costs of up to CHF 3,000 per person are insured
  • Pandemic cover including premature return due to quarantine in Switzerland

Replacement trip

We pay the costs for travel arrangements booked and paid for before you departed: up to CHF 20,000 per person and CHF 80,000 for all persons living in the same household.

Home Care Service

  • We provide you with fast assistance in emergency situations at home or in your vacation property in Switzerland, the Principality of Liechtenstein (e.g. due to fire, flood, theft, glass breakage, loss of keys, blocked pipes)
  • Zurich organizes professional tradespeople to take immediate action as necessary
  • Costs up to CHF 1,000 are insured

International travel legal protection (ORION)

  • Your claims are asserted and your legal interests represented in the event of traffic accidents and theft abroad
  • This protection is also valid for pedestrians, cyclists and motorbike riders or passengers (on land, on water and in the air) who have an accident
  • We support you during legal proceedings relating to violations of traffic regulations (fines are not insured)
  • Travel legal protection insurance covers costs up to CHF 500,000 in Europe and up to CHF 100,000 in the rest of the world
  • Legal expenses services are provided by our experienced partner Orion Rechtsschutz-Versicherung AG (Orion)

Supplementary insurance

  • Breakdown assistance «Basic» including replacement vehicle: protects you in Switzerland and Europe if your car is no longer roadworthy, e.g. after a breakdown, lost keys or a collision
  • Exclusion of deductibles for rental vehicles: pays the agreed deductible or actual loss (e.g. theft or damage) worldwide up to CHF 5,000
  • Luggage: pays costs resulting from delays, damage and loss
  • Cards and blocking service: protects against the misuse of customer cards, credit cards, bank cards, post office cards and SIM cards; includes a 24-hour blocking service

Fewer details What other customers ask

Will travel insurance cover the costs in the event of a grounding? (airline bankruptcy?)

Yes, for insurance policies concluded following the issue of the latest version of the GCI in June 2019 (all new contracts and product changes after August 10, 2019) this is included in the cover.

Do I have to take out travel insurance before booking a trip or can can I also do this afterward to insure the trip is covered?

You can also take out travel insurance after you have booked your trip and are insured if the insured event has not begun before the conclusion of the contract.

Should I need to cancel a trip for business reasons, will the insurance cover the costs?

No, unless

- an insured person's contract of employment is terminated unexpectedly by the employer (culpable termination is not insured);
- an insured person, who is registered with the regional employment office (RAV) as unemployed after booking a travel arrangements becomes unable to commence travel due to new unforeseen needs to comply with commitments and obligations set forth by the RAV office, or in cases where the insured person accepts a new contract of employment and as direct consequence is unable to commence the previously booked travel;

What does the luggage insurance cover?

The insurance covers private luggage or baggage up to the sum insured specified within the policy. It includes all objects, which the insured person has carried with them for personal use throughout the journey or have been handed over to a transportation company for transport to the travel destination.

Insured events and costs: Damage costs to luggage through sudden, unforeseen losses, damage and destruction. Parachutes, paragliders, hang gliders and kite surfing equipment are only insured against theft and loss.

Luggage late delivery: Costs for absolutely essential replacement items (max. 30 percent of the shipping costs for luggage)

Does the travel insurance apply in the event of a terror attack?

Yes, whereby the prerequisite is that no warning has been issued before travel by the FDFA or FOPH.

Does the travel insurance apply to concert or other event tickets abroad?

Yes, insofar as this pertains toattendance of one-time events like concerts or theater performances (courses excluded) with a ticket price per person of CHF 100 or more (even without a booked travel arrangement).

When is a person considered seriously ill (in accordance with the GCI)? Am I always obliged to produce a doctor's certificate?

An insured person is considered seriously ill when such is stated in a doctor's certificate, which must be available for inspection in all cases.

Does travel insurance include the costs of repatriation in the event of illness or death?

Yes, repatriation in the event of serious illness or accident on the part of the insured person to their fixed residence in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein and/or the respective local hospital is covered.

Furthermore, the costs for the burial and transportation of the body of the insured to their residence in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein are likewise covered.

Can the insurance also be purchased for a single trip?

No, this is an annual policy, which as a rule is priced more favorably than if you were to take out insurance for each trip individually. Plus: the insurance coverage of our annual insurance policy naturally applies to weekend excursions too.

If a trip must be canceled as a result of a natural disaster (such as flooding, volcanic eruption etc.), will the insurance cover the costs?

Yes, for acts of God (sudden natural disasters including floods, inundation, storms [= winds in excess of 75 km/h], hail, avalanches, snow pressure, landslides, rock fall or earthquakes) as with other natural disasters.

Is my breakdown assistance cover also valid while traveling abroad?

The insurance applies to occurrences of loss within Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, European countries as well as countries bordering the Mediterranean and the island states of the Mediterranean. For transport across the sea the insurance coverage will continue uninterrupted, providing the point of departure and destination are within the region of validity.

However, the insurance does not apply in the following countries: Belarus, Moldavia, the Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan Kazakhstan, Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya and Syria.

Occurrences of loss or damage pertaining to rental vehicles are not covered.

What do I have to insure for a rental car abroad? What is already covered by my travel insurance with Zurich?

We recommend that you include the supplementary insurance “deductible for rental vehicles” in travel insurance (assistance). This insures the deductible that must be paid due to damage to the rental vehicle or theft. Any liability deductible is not insured. If you have insured this component, you can often do without a deductible reduction at the vehicle rental company.

Our advisory service

Our modular Zurich Relax Assistance travel insurance gives you the best protection. We would be glad to advise you.

Cancellation Insurance

If you have to cancel your trip: Cancellation Insurance ensures that you are refunded the costs of your trip if you are unable to travel.

A hazard warning triangle on the street.

24/7 Roadside assistance

Keep rolling with your car, motorbike or moped at home and abroad. Roadside insurance with recovery service.

Handover of keys for rental car or carsharing

Insurance for rental cars and carsharing

Avec les véhicules de location ou de car sharing, les accidents peuvent vite devenir coûteux, notamment en raison de la franchise élevée. L’assurance «Véhicules de location et de car sharing» vous permet de rouler l’esprit tranquille.



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