Stolen package – this is how it is insured

Package outside the front door

Stolen package – this is how it is insured

What a pleasure: the long-awaited package will finally arrive today. But then the package is nowhere to be seen. It was obviously stolen from the mailbox, building entrance or stairwell. Now what?
If ordered goods don’t arrive the disappointment is huge. Giving the manufacturer or online dealer a call can rule out delays in shipping. Can the post office or a private package delivery service also confirm the delivery? No helpful neighbor accepted the package for you? Then everything points to package theft from the mailbox, building entrance or stairwell. 

Package doesn't arrive – now what?

Step 1: Call the manufacturer or online dealer, check the delivery status or send an e-mail: Was the package shipped on time? Or was the shipment delayed? 

Step 2: Using the package number, check with your shipping service, such as the post office or private package delivery service, whether the package is still on the way or whether it has already been delivered. If delivery was already due, but failed to occur, you can submit a search request. 

Step 3: If the package was delivered, but cannot be found: Ask your neighbors if they took delivery of the package or saw the delivery. 

Step 4: If the package was obviously stolen, report this to the police and contact your insurance company. At Zurich, this is possible on 0800 80 80 80 or online at


Contents insurance pays for package theft

Do you have household contents insurance? It usually includes the coverage module "simple theft at home". This coverage also applies to package theft: The goods delivered are correspondingly insured and the full price compensated. However, with most insurances, the deductible is CHF 200. The deductible is eliminated after three claim-free years. 

Even better cover with "Cyber Safe Shop & Pay"

With the "Cyber Safe Shop & Pay" module - which can also be taken out on its own – your protection is even more comprehensive: This insurance not only pays in the case of package theft, but in general if you order goods on the Internet that arrive damaged, incorrectly or not at all – for example, because the seller never sent the item or the delivery service "lost" the shipment.

Package is damaged – now what?

  • Check if only the package or also the contents were damaged. 
  • You got up to eight days after delivery to report damage to your next post office branch. To do so, you should bring the package with its contents to the branch where the damage will be assessed and a damage report will be drawn up. 
  • If you have included the "Safe Shop & Pay" insurance in your household contents insurance policy, you can report damaged ordered items with this as a loss. 

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