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Whatever your profession, you're a specialist. And Zurich specializes in insurance protection

Your expertise and dedication can be seen in your work. Zurich is passionate about risk hedging and comprehensive advice. In the event of a claim, they're there for you.

With Zurich your business is in good hands

As a business owner you certainly prefer to spend your time winning new customers and deals rather than dealing with insurance. You can rely on us.

Save time

Purchase your business insurance online or by telephone, quickly and in a simple way.

Get smart cover

Our experienced advisors will recommend you the right cover for your needs, so that you get a good price for value.

In good hands

Our customers are real people to us, not just numbers. This means: We look after you individually and in a solution-oriented manner.

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Accident insurance

Insure your employees against accidents and work-related illnesses - in accordance with the Law on Accident Insurance (UVG).

A man looks out the window on which an office building is drawn and thinks about his occupational retirement provision.

Retirement Provisions

The compulsory retirement provisions (BVG) complements the benefits from AHV/IV - in retirement age, in the event of disability or death.

Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial liability

Wherever work is done, mistakes can happen. Insure yourself in case any affected persons or organizations sue your company for damages.

Daily sickness allowance

This insurance pays out a daily allowance in cases of absences due to illness and replaces or contributes to your obligations as employer to continue providing salary payments.

Property insurance

Protect your valuable assets and profits from all types of damages – with a tailored insurance package.

Cyber Insurance

With adequate protection you are far better positioned to manage the fallout of a cyber attack – whether it is data loss, business interruption, or claims for damages from third parties.

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Which cover is compulsory?

Whether a particular insurance is important or even compulsory for your new business depends on many different factors. With our SME check you can get an initial recommendation.

Start SME check 3 minutes

In what industry do you operate?

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The ideal source of information for entrepreneurs

Zurich SME Magazine is addressed to corporate customers and interested parties. Find out about new trends, get important information about risk and security, hear the stories of other entrepreneurs and read current expert interviews.

SME guide & Inspiring customer stories

Man in bakery

Out of love for artisan bakery

Sold fresh every day and with a smile: John Baker’s delicious treats are unforgettable.
Men having a cheerful discussion

The story of our cyber insurance customer Planted

The start-up Planted is causing a stir with its innovative plant-based foods.
Three people are walking through a warehouse with a checklist

Insurance of assets for companies

Protect your company's assets in the event of claims and other risks.
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Kaisin: New entrepreneurs with a recipe for success

Success with delicious poké bowls – co-founder Delano Fischer chats about his innovative Zurich start-up.
 Woman and man are talking in a laboratory

Passionate about the laboratory

Founded as a start-up, LabPoint has established itself in the field of laboratory diagnostics. CEO Gianfranco Cosentino has relied on protection from Zurich from the very beginning.
Woman on laptop in the living room

Daily benefit in case of hospitalization: Continued payment of salaries in the event of illness

If employees are absent due to illness for a longer period of time, they are entitled to the continued payment of salaries. Here you can find out everything you need to know.

Well covered in the event of an accident

Employees who have an accident and cannot work still have a right to income. The law provides for continued salary payment and UVG benefits. What does that mean specifically?
Woman on crutches

Accident or illness: Differences simply explained

An accident or illness can happen to anyone, but what about continued pay? We explain the consequences under insurance law.
Woman is training on Zurich vitaparcours

Recreational accident prevention

Prevention efforts often focus on occupational accidents. But recreational accidents can be avoided too – through regular training, for example on the Zurich Vitaparcours.
A doctor sits at the table and looks at an X-ray image

LAI explained – simply and concisely

How does mandatory accident insurance actually work – and who is covered? Our compact guide has answers to all the important questions on the subject.
Three bakery employees kneading dough

Taking action for the employees

John Baker attaches great importance to a healthy work environment. Zurich as an insurance company provides support.