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Insurance for company founders

What insurance do I need as a company founder?

This depends on your legal form in particular: If you are self-employed as a freelancer or a sole proprietor company, you will need different insurance coverage to a joint-stock company or a limited liability company. Depending on the type of company, certain types of insurance may even be mandatory. By the way: As a new founder, you will receive a discount of up to 30 percent depending on the sector and product.
SA/LLC Self-employed

A successful start with Zurich


  1. Get to know your risks 
    Every sector has its own specific risks – are you familiar with them yet? Get an initial overview of which insurances you really need.
  2. Select your insurance coverage
    Decide which protection your employees and you need right from the start and what can wait a little longer. This will give you a basis for putting together your own individual insurance package.
  3. Check your insurance regularly
    Do you have new premises or new machinery or have you expanded your operations? Then you will usually need additional protection.

Insurance for company founders

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Insurance of assets for companies

Protect your company's assets in the event of claims and other risks.
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Accident or illness: Differences simply explained

An accident or illness can happen to anyone, but what about continued pay? We explain the consequences under insurance law.
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Daily benefit in case of hospitalization: Continued payment of salaries in the event of illness

If employees are absent due to illness for a longer period of time, they are entitled to the continued payment of salaries. Here you can find out everything you need to know.
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Kaisin: New entrepreneurs with a recipe for success

Success with delicious poké bowls – co-founder Delano Fischer chats about his innovative Zurich start-up.

Well covered in the event of an accident

An employee who has an accident and is unable to work is still entitled to an income. In principle, the law provides for the obligation to continue to pay salaries and benefits under the mandatory accident insurance (LAI). What does that mean specifically?
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LAI explained – simply and concisely

How does mandatory accident insurance actually work – and who is covered? Our compact guide has answers to all the important questions on the subject.

Articles for company founders

Get useful tips and read the stories of other founders.

Innovation Championship

At the Zurich Innovation Championship, start-ups develop pioneering solutions for the future of the insurance world. Both sides benefit from this

Recognize risks

Our risk management app enables you to identify and understand risks for your company and shows you how you can improve your risk profile.

Optimum information for entrepreneurs

The Zurich SME Magazine offers corporate customers and interested parties important information on trends, risk and security, stories from entrepreneurs, as well as current interviews with experts.