Group Compensation Insurance

Benefits at a glance

  • Group daily sickness benefits insurance relieves you of your obligation to continue salary payments
  • This type of insurance ensures that there is no gap in coverage until IV disability or BVG benefits kick in
  • You have minimal administrative work, thanks to a practical online claims management system
  • Zurich's and swissdec's electronic salary declarations let you report salary data directly to Zurich – no need to fill out declaration forms
  • As a Zurich client, you can take advantage of Orion’s free telephone advice on labor law.

Good to know

  • Insurance premiums can be split between employer and employee. Depending on the distribution key selected, you may be exempt from the statutory obligation to continue salary payments.
  • You have minimal administrative work thanks to Zurich Online Claims Management and electronic salary declarations
  • Zurich is committed to «Lohnstandard-CH». The project is spearheaded by the swissdec association. The goal is to support the standardized salary reporting system. The goal is to support the standardized salary reporting system. The process satisfies the strict data protection requirements. Click once to send data directly from payroll accounting to various recipients in Switzerland: Zurich, the AHV Compensation Office, the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund (Suva), tax offices and the Swiss Federal Statistical Office

This insurance also includes all the benefits of our Care Management Services:

  • Z-Check-Up
  • CarePoint
  • Physician/hospital network (Medi Point)
  • Case Management
  • Back to work

In detail

By compensating your sick employee for a specific period, you are complying with your obligation to continue salary payments. This also applies to employees on maternity leave. Group daily sickness benefits insurance relieves your company of this burden. Holding such insurance is in fact mandatory if your firm has signed a collective labor agreement that requires it.

  • You select the coverage amount at between 80% and 100% of AHV salary, up to a maximum CHF 300,000 per year per person
  • You can also influence the amount of your insurance premium by selecting a waiting period of 7, 14, 30 or 60 days
  • Daily sickness benefits are either paid out for a period of 730 days minus the waiting period (coordinated with BVG) or for 720 within 900 days (imposed by most collective labor agreements)

  • The length of time you have to continue paying a salary depends on how long the employee in question has been with your company. An employee in their first year is entitled to 21 days of continuing salary payments in accordance with the Bern Scale. This period extends every year thereafter. After 14 years of service, this period is 150 days, which could put considerable financial strain on your business if uninsured
  • It is worthwhile to combine daily sickness benefits insurance with occupational retirement plans. Depending on the circumstances of sick leave, the individual may receive a BVG pension and payments from the federal disability insurance scheme (IVG).In such a case it can take up to one year until these benefits are paid

  • The insurance covers the statutory obligation to continue salary payments of 80% of AHV pay for 14 weeks (98 days) of maternity leave (maximum CHF 196 per day; allowable maximum earnings of CHF 88,200)
  • For any longer-term obligation to continue salary payments, Zurich assumes the share that is higher than the maximum earnings in line with the above and/or extends the continuing salary payment period from day 99 through day 112 (applies to individual collective labor agreements)
  • You select the coverage amount at between 80% and 100% of the AHV salary, up to a maximum CHF 300,000 per person per year

  • No more filling out declaration forms by hand
  • You can report your salary data in encrypted form to all required salary data recipients at the same time (AHV, FAK, BVG, LAI and daily sickness benefit insurer)
  • Reduce your administrative costs.
  • You save time because your administrative work is reduced

Our advisory service

Your obligation to continue salary payments can end up costing. Protect yourself now - we would be glad to advise you.

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