Occupational health management

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Corporate Health Consulting

We support, advise and empower. 
As a competence center for corporate health, we support you in establishing, sustainably planning and implementing your own sustainable corporate health management (CHM). This service is aimed at our customers with daily sickness benefits insurance.

Advantages of Corporate Health Management

Healthy and motivated employees

Reduction of absences from the workplace

Employee satisfaction and retention

Increased productivity

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Attractiveness and competitive advantage

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Corporate Health Consulting helps you to stay healthy

Are you interested in introducing a corporate health management, or in analyzing or expanding your existing one? We support and guide you step by step – from assessment and planning to the implementation of measures such as workshops and training courses. With a systematic corporate health management, you are contributing to strengthening the health, motivation, performance and satisfaction of your employees – and thus to the success of your company. 

Care Management at Zurich Switzerland consists of two key elements: Corporate Health Consulting supports you in establishing a healthy working environment for your employees – because what is better than healthy employees? The second element of Care Management at Zurich is Case Management. It supports with the professional reintegration of employees.

We are there for you across Switzerland in French and German and,on request, also in Italian and English.

What is Corporate Health Management?

Healthy employees for a strong company

Are you interested in introducing or developing a corporate health management? We advise, support and empower you during this process – from raising awareness, to planning over implementation through evaluation. We are also glad to advise you in relation to the Friendly Work Space offers from Health Promotion Switzerland.

Benefit from exclusive services – learn more about what advice and services you can obtain here.

Get to know our CHM-services

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Absence Cost Calculator

Did you know that absences not only cause direct costs (such as the continued payment of wages), but also indirect costs (such as a loss of productivity and quality) – and can therefore be very costly for you? Calculate how much absences really cost you.

Guide to Prevention

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Taking action for the employees

John Baker attaches great importance to a healthy work environment. Zurich as an insurance company provides support.
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Recreational accident prevention

Prevention efforts often focus on occupational accidents. But recreational accidents can be avoided too – through regular training, for example on the Zurich Vitaparcours.
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Prevent stress and burnout

Stress is a widespread phenomenon in today's working world. We have grown accustomed to it. But stress can make you ill.
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Healthy company – successful company

The health of a company’s employees is a vital factor for success, especially for SMEs. It takes everyone to be efficient and pull together to manage the daily workload.
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Accident or illness: Differences simply explained

An accident or illness can happen to anyone, but what about continued pay? We explain the consequences under insurance law.

Well covered in the event of an accident

Employees who have an accident and cannot work still have a right to income. The law provides for continued salary payment and UVG benefits. What does that mean specifically?
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Daily benefit in case of hospitalization: Continued payment of salaries in the event of illness

If employees are absent due to illness for a longer period of time, they are entitled to the continued payment of salaries. Here you can find out everything you need to know.
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Insurance of assets for companies

Protect your company's assets in the event of claims and other risks.
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LAI explained – simply and concisely

How does mandatory accident insurance actually work – and who is covered? Our compact guide has answers to all the important questions on the subject.