Liability insurance for agricultural businesses

Our protection: As a farmer, you combine people and nature in your work. But this activity also involves risks. We help you if third parties come to harm.

Your advantages at a glance

As an agricultural business, you make an important contribution to supplying our country with food. Whether out in the field or in a barn, wherever heavy machinery is in use and people are working, things can happen fast.
If third parties suffer losses due to your work or your products, we are there to assist you. We handle claims and defend you against unjustified claims. Associated attorney fees and court costs are covered.

Well protected

The basic insurance offers you extensive protection for your activities and can be individually supplemented with additional cover.

Assistance in the event of a claim

If third parties suffer losses, we take care of the financial claims and defend against unjustified claims. Should attorney fees and court costs arise, we will cover them.

Ancillary activities covered

The basic insurance automatically covers ancillary activities which are customary for this type of business, including, amongst others, the direct sale of agricultural products and the participation at markets.

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Did you know that …

Zurich also offers new additional covers for you as a farmer in its property insurance and technical insurance?


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