Construction Insurance

Benefits at a glance

  • Optimum insurance for all businesses in the construction industry, such as builders, civil engineers, electricians, plasterers, painters and plumbers
  • Generous coverage included in basic insurance
  • Individual additional coverage for optimum protection
  • Attractive discounts if you choose a package solution
  • Professional point of contact thanks to Zurich’s specialist teams
  • 24/7 claims service
  • You choose your own deductible and attractive participation in surpluses
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Good to know

  • As one of the leading providers of liability insurance, Zurich has a team of specialists as well as construction experts, engineers and lawyers who are available to assist with any claims
  • The terms of Zurich Construction Liability Insurance also offer risk coverage to participants in joint ventures

In detail

New building or renovations – as a contractor on a construction site, you are subject to various liability risks. Proper liability insurance for the construction industry is absolutely essential.

Generous ground-up coverage in our liability insurance for the construction industry

  • Investment risks relating to buildings, land, plants, factory halls and machines
  • Operational risks brought about by day-to-day operations
  • Product risks arising from products manufactured or handled
  • Loss prevention costs and environmental impairment
  • Principal’s liability insurance

Additional options for optimum insurance coverage (selection)

With our package solution plus supplementary coverage options, you can also insure against the following:
  • Pecuniary losses arising from an event that is not part of the normal building process (e.g. additional costs for the client due to unexpected problems on the construction site)
  • Items assumed from third parties (e.g. crane hooks, keys, telecommunications equipment)
  • Investigation costs and repair costs
  • Loading and unloading damage to vehicles
  • installation and assembly costs

Commercial construction liability insurance offers custom solutions to cover liability

  • Zurich’s team of specialists will work with you and your partners to find flexible coverage concepts tailored to your individual requirements of liability insurance for the construction industry
  • Your premium will be calculated based on the sum of salaries, the sum insured, your preferred deductible and various risk factors
  • You can choose any contract term between one and five years

Our advisory service

Insure your work on construction sites in line with your needs. We would be glad to advise you.

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