Public Liability Insurance

Benefits at a glance

  • Professional advice – we know all about the specific needs of cities and communities in all matters involving liability insurance
  • Custom solutions – you only insure what you need to
  • Guaranteed financial security thanks to a strong insurer
  • Excellent value for money, even for small communities 
  • No annual declaration procedure
  • Higher insurance coverage up to CHF 50m for large-scale events through the communal liability excess solution, Zurich PublicPlus

In detail

The demands on public-sector institutions continue to mount. Whether water quality in swimming pools, the safety of gas and water supplies, or maintenance on school facilities: as a municipal or city councilor, you carry the responsibility for losses in your area. Zurich Public Liability Insurance is precisely adapted to the specific needs of public institutions.

Public liability insurance

  • Cities, political communities, municipalities
  • Boroughs, corporations and similar bodies (e.g. corporation councils, forest and religious communities)
  • School communities, church communities
  • Municipally owned businesses and institutions – such as indoor and outdoor pools, sports facilities, power stations, or senior and care homes – can be added to the policy
  • Legally independent institutions and businesses – such as regional fire department associations and civil defense organizations – can be added to the policy as well

Benefits under basic insurance

  • Investment risk, operational risk, product risk
  • Loss prevention costs
  • Environmental impairment

Also included for communities

  • Owners of movable items used by the community (e.g. books, CDs and DVDs in libraries)
  • Water supply for up to 10,000 residents
  • Claims involving the fire department, civil defense and disaster protection
  • Claims arising from the fulfillment of service-level agreements by third parties for the community (e.g. waste disposal, swimming pools, home-care services)
  • Sewage treatment plants, composting plants and public collection points

Additional risk coverage in a low-cost package solution (selection)

  • Extended coverage for work defect claims, according to Article 58 of the Swiss Code of Obligations (claims arising from burst water pipes)
  • Principal’s liability insurance
  • Home help and nursing care
  • Events and trips taking place in the context of the community
  • Private liability insurance for refugees and asylum seekers

Modular supplementary insurance

  • Claims arising from burst water pipes on streets
  • Property damage caused by the fire department, civil defense or disaster protection
  • Claims involving the police department
  • Pecuniary loss liability insurance for communities
  • Other coverage to meet individual needs

Good to know

  • Rare but serious large-scale incidents such as floods, avalanches in the village or gas explosions are risks that are difficult for individual communities or cities to predict
  • Zurich PublicPlus is Zurich’s communal liability excess coverage for large-scale incidents that helps communities and cities protect against catastrophes at low cost
  • You choose your insurer for the ground-up coverage (minimum sum insured CHF 5m) with Zurich PublicPlus
  • The range of co-insured institutions and businesses can be selected individually for each connected community
  • Zurich PublicPlus pays indemnity for liability claims up to CHF 50m and offers a fourfold guarantee per insurance year for all connected communities and claims due to losses combined
  • Thanks to our community concept, the additional liability insurance capacity costs just a fraction of the premium that you would have to pay to add to an individual agreement

Our advisory service

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