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Let's create a brighter future together

In the fight against climate change and for more sustainability, every step counts. Only together we can achieve this, always asking ourselves «What can go right?». So let's go for it!

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Zurich has taken on this challenge as a company and also motivates its customers and employees to do their part on a daily basis. A sculpture made from carbon dioxide filtered from the air – or rather from the carbon extracted from it – was set up as a symbol at the COP26 climate summit.
Our objective: Step by step, we want to become one of the most sustainable companies – not just in Switzerland, but worldwide. Thus, we endeavor to fulfill our responsibility as far as our customers' and partners' interests are concerned and toward the environment, toward society in general and, of course, toward our employees and shareholders.
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«We promise to support the people who put their trust in us and to help them to achieve the best possible outcome under consideration of their specific situation. As a responsible company, we balance our actions for the benefit of our customers, partners, employees, society in general, the climate and our shareholders. Our goal is to create a brighter future together
Our employees join us in our commitment

We are committed to society and the environment

We are proud of our customers and partners

Together with our customers and partners, we roll out various initiatives to achieve ecological and social sustainability. In the quest for a positive impact on our lives, every step counts. Here are some initiatives Zurich is involved in:
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Zurich and John Baker – together for sustainability

John Baker is one of the most popular bakeries in Zurich. The fledgling company does not just talk the talk of social, ecological and economic sustainability, it also walks the walk. For example, the bakery relies on family-friendly working hours, bicycle couriers and healthy, organically grown ingredients. From the outset, John Baker's corporate health management has been receiving advice from Zurich's prevention specialists and conducts employee workshops in collaboration with them.


Zurich and Planted – together for the environment

The aim of this start-up, based in Kemptthal near Winterthur, is to revolutionize food. Its pea-based meat alternative looks and tastes like chicken, but saves 74 percent of carbon emissions. Planted recently set a world record with a 119-m vegan schnitzel. The company relies on state-of-the-art production for sustainable development. To protect its production, Planted cooperates closely with Zurich's cybersecurity specialists.

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Zurich, evpass powered by Green Motion SA and GOFAST – together for e-mobility

The Lausanne-based company Green Motion SA is a pioneer in electromobility. It operates charging stations that are fully designed and built in Switzerland. GOFAST is in the course of establishing a fast-charging network throughout Switzerland that is fully powered by green electricity. Together with evpass, GOFAST and other partners, Zurich promotes e-mobility and now offers all e-car drivers access to its comprehensive charging network in Switzerland at a standard price.

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We are proud of our employees

Christoph Linherr is committed to a clean environment. One afternoon a week, he collects carelessly discarded waste in the streets and in recreational areas in Adliswil, Zurich. The specialist for occupational pension provisions in Zurich's Claims unit also organizes environmental protection events for kids on behalf of the «Litter Club Adliswil».

How Zurich Switzerland does its part for the environment and society

Zurich Community Day

Every year, all Zurich employees are given one day off for voluntary community work. They are free to choose their assignment – from cooking for the homeless to weeding out invasive species in nature conservation areas. For every community day, the Z Zurich Foundation pays a contribution that Zurich Switzerland donates to a charitable organization.

Z Zurich Foundation

The Z Zurich Foundation is a Swiss-based charitable foundation established by members of the Zurich Insurance Group and the main vehicle by which Zurich Insurance Group delivers on its global community investment strategy. It invests in global, regional and local community programs around the world, working alongside Zurich Insurance Group employees and other stakeholders as well as with governments and NGOs in pursuit of a future where people can thrive in the face of increasing climate hazards, where those of us feeling the stresses of life are empowered to speak up, and where the marginalized in our society can reach their full potential.

In 2020, the Z Zurich Foundation positivey impacted the lives of 3.2m globally. By 2024, it wants to make a difference to 11 million people.

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Zurich vitaparcours

With approximately 500 Zurich vitaparcours, Zurich promotes health and enables people to enjoy nature and popular sports. Almost all running tracks are located in forests. Everybody can create a custom training program from 15 stations with 43 exercises. Zurich has been supporting the Zurich vitaparcours since 1968. In its capacity as the exclusive sponsor, Zurich now provides the VITA Parcours Foundation, which is responsible for the strategic management and further development of the Zurich vitaparcours, with the funds for its services, signs and signposts.

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Natural hazard radar

Based on the latest cantonal and national hazard and information maps, the Zurich natural hazard radar creates a detailed property analysis for every real-estate location in Switzerland – free of charge! In addition, specific tips are provided on how you can efficiently and affordably protect your property against natural hazards: Every franc invested in hazard protection saves six to ten francs in consequential costs.

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Children's Ombuds Office

Every year, more than 100,000 children in Switzerland are affected by court proceedings in connection with family law, divorce proceedings, child protection and other areas. Their voices are often not heard, or they do not get the support they are entitled to. Thus, the Z Zurich Foundation and Zurich Switzerland support the Ombuds Office Children's Rights Switzerland, helping children and youths to better understand and assert their rights in court proceedings.

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Fair play in occupational retirement provisions

Many employees want to be able to enjoy their retirement without any financial worries. Occupational retirement provisions play an important part in the second pillar that employers and employees make contributions to every month. However, part of these funds – more specifically part of the returns – are being misappropriated and redistributed. Vita and Zurich endeavor to ensure fair play in occupational retirement provisions, providing transparent information about redistribution and promoting a sustainable Swiss pension system.

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