Planning a move

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Plan your move

A move is always an emotional life experience: Whether you are moving into your first own apartment or breaking up your household. Include the insurance in your planning too. This will mean you're always well-protected.

You're moving, we're coming too

We accompany you safely to your new home
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Your first home

Are you moving on your own or as a couple into your first own or shared apartment? Our tips could help you.


Breaking up a household

Are you moving after a separation or death? Or moving into a retirement home? We show you what you have to think of.


Moving to Switzerland: What you need to know

We help you get started, so you can quickly find your way around in your new home. You will find tips on customs formalities and insurance, as well as information on the Swiss pension system.

Frequently asked questions

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Well protected in your new home

With our insurance solutions you and your four walls will receive the best possible protection.
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Contents Insurance

Contents insurance gives tenants and owners comprehensive coverage for their worldly possessions.

Personal Liability Insurance

Private liability insurance

A claim involving third parties or property can quickly become expensive. Private liability insurance gives you comprehensive, worldwide coverage.

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Rental quarantee insurance

The easy alternative to conventional rent deposit accounts: You don’t have to provide a cash as a security deposit.