Cyber Protection FAQ

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our cyber protection for individuals.
FAQ Prevention

«Cyber – Prevention» helps you to prevent and best protect yourself against cyber attacks. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about this service.

What is it?

The device protection safeguards your mobile devices. Detected risks will be promptly reported to you, along with steps on how to protect yourself and your device. Additionally, Android devices offer an antivirus protection. 

- System scan for devices, end point protection and security configuration (for iOS and Adroid)
- Device cleaning and optimisattion (for Android)
- Anti-virus and anti-malware protection (for Android)

How (why should I) do I use it?

You should use device protection to safeguard your devices and personal data. It functions like a digital bodyguard, preventing viruses and hackers from damaging your device or stealing your data.

What is it?

Safe Browsing protects you while surfing the internet by warning you about risky websites before you open them.

- Secure browser to keep you safe from malicious websites
- Alerts prior to visiting malicious websites

How (why should I) do I use it?

Safe Browsing functions like a protective shield. When entering a suspicious web address, you will be alerted to potentially risky or unsafe websites. This helps you avoid falling into internet traps. Combining Safe Browsing with a VPN enables an even safer internet surfing experience.

How do I know the website is safe?

On secure websites, you will typically see a padlock or the word 'Secure' in the browser's address bar, and the web address begins with https://

What is it?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) protects your internet connection. It is the easiest and most effective way to safeguard your internet traffic and keep your online identity private. When connected to a VPN server, your data transmission occurs through an encrypted channel that cannot be viewed by anyone - not hackers, governments, or even your internet provider.

- High performance and secure VPN
- Global connection points in 50+ locations globally, including Switzerland

How (why should I) do I use it?

When connected to a VPN server, data transmission occurs through an encrypted channel. It is always recommended to use a VPN, especially when using public or free Wi-Fi networks. These networks can be easily exploited by criminals.

What is difference between VPN and Safe Browsing?

In a VPN, your device is connected to the VPN server through a secure 'tunnel,' ensuring that your entire internet activity remains private. On the other hand, with Safe Browsing, you are warned about risky or insecure websites.

Can I use my VPN on my computer or Mac?

The VPN download is not yet available for your PC or Mac. However, if you use tethering on your mobile device, you can still benefit from the protection of Zurich VPN.

What is it?

With Secure WiFi, you can identify all devices connected to your WLAN network.

- WiFi network scan for any threats
- Advanced detection of wireless network attacks through spoofing, and SSL stripping & splitting

How (why should I) do I use it?

With Secure WiFi, you can monitor and manage your WLAN, such as identifying connected devices and troubleshooting issues. Using a WLAN scan, you can remove unknown or suspicious devices and secure your network.

What is it?

With Identity Protection, you can check if your personal details (email address, mobile number) have been stolen and sold on the Dark Web. We search millions of records, thousands of databases, and every corner of the Dark Web to verify if your personal data has been stolen from online accounts or services currently or previously used.

If we find any matches, we will inform you immediately and provide step-by-step instructions on how to protect your personal data again.

- Scanning of email and phone number credentials for exposure in a data breach
- Details of the breach and recommendations to protection
- Alerts 24/7

How (why should I) do I use it?

Criminals can gain access to personal data and bank accounts using your email and mobile number, potentially stealing your identity. Passwords are considered the key to personal information, and it is important to treat them with the same level of security as your house or car keys. By safeguarding your passwords, you can prevent criminals from accessing your bank account or other sensitive information, and protect yourself from identity theft. Simply add your email address/mobile number under 'Identity Protection' in the Zurich Cyber Security App, and we will monitor them from now on. If your personal data is at risk, we will notify you immediately.

What is it?

Your personal IT support: IT and cyber security experts assist with cyber emergencies and many other IT issues.

How (why should I) do I use it?

Your personal IT support offers assistance for:

  • Cyber incidents: Assistance with all types of hacker attacks.
  • IT Assistance: Assistance with everyday problems with computers, tablets or smartphones.
  • Error messages: Assistance with any error messages, including recording, forwarding and tracking of functional failures of the app and services.
  • Cyber Security App: Assistance with registration, setup and use of the app and its services.
  • Device & user management: Assistance with adding and removing devices or users, as well as activating and terminating licenses.
  • Cyber services: Assistance with the individual services like password manager, from setup, usage and troubleshooting.
  • Insurance: Assistance with questions about insurance coverage, contract information and recording/forwarding of damage reports.

What is Cyber – Prevention and what does the offer include?

- Zurich Cyber Security App: The app combines VPN, antivirus, and more to protect you and your personal data from potential cyber threats. 
- IT Assistance: Help for most technical issues - whether it's support for your mobile device or during a cyber attack. 
- Edutainment: Delivery of learning content to strengthen awareness for personal cybersecurity.

Can I share the app with my friends and family?

Yes, you can share the app with your friends and family. With each purchased license, you can install the Zurich Cyber Security App on up to 10 devices. They do not have to be your own devices. It's as simple as doing it directly on the app's dashboard.

What is a Password Manager?

Your password manager is a secure, digital vault for all your passwords. It stores your website and app credentials so you don't have to remember them all, and can create new passwords for you and renew existing ones.

Why should I use a Password Manager?

With the password manager, your digital life will be easier and more secure. It helps you create strong, unique passwords for each account, thus reducing the risk of hacking. Plus, you don't have to remember all your passwords – the password manager does it for you, making your online accounts more secure.

Can you or someone else see my passwords?

No. Your password manager is secure. You secure access to the password manager with a unique master password that only you know. With your Zurich Cyber app, you can add up to 10 devices that belong to you or your friends and family. Rest assured that while the policyholder will be able to see the registered names and devices, all personal information such as data and passwords is strictly confidential and can only be viewed by the owner of the device using the app.

FAQ Insurances

«Cyber – Safe Shop&Pay» and «Cyber – Safe Surf» provide protection against risks when shopping online or surfing the internet. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about these products.

Do I need both insurance components if I use Cyber – Prevention?

Yes, because although Cyber – Prevention helps you to prevent risks and protect yourself as best as possible, damage can still occur that goes beyond preventive measures. The two insurance components Cyber – Safe Shop & Pay and Cyber – Safe Surf provide protection against dangers, such as fraudulent offers on the internet.

What services are included in Cyber – Safe Shop & Pay?

- Financial compensation for damaged, undelivered, or wrongly delivered goods that were ordered online.
- Financial compensation for fraudulent rental and accommodation bookings (e.g. rental cars or hotels).
- Financial compensation for the consequences of unauthorized account access.

This list is not exhaustive. A complete overview of the benefits can be found in the terms and conditions.

Why do I need Cyber – Safe Shop & Pay? Doesn't the online retailer or supplier take responsibility for the package?

In general, the online retailer is no longer liable once they have shipped the package. Moreover, as the recipient, you can only claim liability if you express reservations regarding any potential damages upon delivery, meaning that you must inspect the delivery immediately (before signing for receipt). Ultimately, the responsibility falls back to the recipient of the shipment. With Cyber – Safe Shop & Pay, Zurich assumes the costs for damaged, undelivered, or wrongly delivered goods that were ordered online.

I'm afraid of booking a vacation rental abroad online and then being disappointed. Does the Cyber - Shop&Pay coverage help me in this case?

It depends on the type of disappointment you experience. If you spontaneously realize on-site that beach holidays are not your thing, unfortunately, we cannot assist further. However, if your landlord exhibits criminal behavior and you arrive to find nothing instead of the promised villa, we will compensate you for the booking costs, minus any refunds and other compensations received.

What is the difference to Private/Incognito browsing and safe browsing?

This cyber insurance protects you from financial consequences if your devices are infected with malware or affected by a hacker attack. A wrong click can happen quickly in everyday stress. With Cyber - Safe Surf, the costs are covered so that experts can remove malware, reinstall programs, and restore data from a backup.

What is it?

Unfortunately, no, as virus attacks and other cyberattacks are quite common among individuals as well. The likelihood of becoming a victim depends on factors such as your browsing behavior and security measures. If your children regularly download games or if you frequently shop online, the risk is higher. However, even with the best security measures in place, there is always a residual risk.

How (why should I) do I use it?

If you become a victim of a hacker attack, it is important to have an expert remove the malware, reinstall your programs, and hopefully restore your data from a backup. With the Cyber - Safe Surf insurance, Zurich covers these costs.


Be vigilant and cautious: Do not open attachments in emails from unknown senders and refrain from clicking on suspicious banners. Be very cautious when downloading programs and consider password security. Regularly create backups of important data. However, it is important to note that a residual risk can never be completely eliminated. With Cyber - Prevention, you have additional security measures such as password managers or VPN on your mobile device.