Zurich Drone Insurance protects you when things go wrong

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Drone insurance

Regardless of whether you use your drone privately or for commercial reasons, we have the right solution for you. In just a few clicks, you can determine the scope of your insurance, take out a policy online and receive the documents with the certificate of insurance directly via email. Then you can get started with your drone straight away – and, thanks to us, free from worry.

Everything you need

All-round cover

Regardless of who pilots your drone – our protection covers any pilot.


Sums insured of up to 10 million Swiss francs can be concluded online.


Influence your annual premium by choosing the deductible.

Do you have any questions?

Why do I need to insure my drone?

Insurance is obligatory in Switzerland for drones of over 250 grams, whether in personal third-party liability insurance or through individual drone insurance. Irrespective of whether a drone is used privately or commercially, the owner is fully liable with their own private assets for any damage arising during the flight or due to a crash. With drone liability insurance, they are protected against claims for damages by third parties.

I have just bought a drone. What do I have to take note of?

As well as ensuring insurance coverage, it is worth taking the time to study the instructions and familiarize yourself with the model. Early flights should take place in countryside where neither people nor animals can be harmed. Drones are not toys! Improper use can easily result in injuries and in third parties being put at risk.

I have good control of the drone. Can I film my house now?

In principle, yes. It is important that the line of sight to the drone exists at all times.

Particularly in residential districts, however, people's privacy must be protected. No neighbor will appreciate a drone hovering over their garden without being asked. The best idea is to fly your multicopter where you won't bother anyone. In addition, you should always be aware that individual cantons or municipalities may impose additional restrictions.

So can I fly my drone wherever I want?

It's not that simple. The law stipulates that no model aircraft or drones can be operated within a five-kilometer radius of airports without permission from the airport manager or the air navigation service provider Skyguide. There is also a so-called control zone (CTR) around every major airport with a radius larger than five kilometers. In this control zone, drones and model aircraft should only be flown up to 150 meters above the ground.

Further flight restriction zones should also be observed. The best overview can be obtained from the drone map of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation.

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