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Open quickly and easily, without a customer advisor and at favorable conditions (with no subscription fee). In just five minutes. Have your ID ready and let's go!

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Open quickly and easily, without a customer advisor and at favorable conditions (with no subscription fee). In just five minutes. Have your ID ready and let's go!


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Are you more the thrifty type or do you like to spend, spend, spend? Don't worry, we have the right investment strategy for everyone.

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We allow you to determine the pace and the amount you wish to invest.

How much can I save in taxes?

Put your tax situation to the test with our online tax calculator. Simply provide your age, place of residence and income, and you will get your personal results. Important: your data will not be stored nor shared with anyone.

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Our 3a pension planning solution offers you real flexibility, as you decide how much - to the amount permitted by law - and when you want to pay into your retirement savings account. Set up automatic monthly or semi-annual payments, or make individual payments according to your needs and point in time. You are not bound to any payment plan.

Choose from five investment strategies according to your risk tolerance and investment horizon, which mainly vary in terms of their equity share You can switch the investment strategy of your 3a account once a year at no extra charge.

You will find the link to the current prices (c-class) below: zurich.plfundnet.com

Independence and security

Zurich Invest Ltd (established 1998) is a major financial services provider in the Swiss asset management market with over CHF 38 billion in assets under management. She is the managing director of the Zurich Invest Bank Foundation, provider of the 3a account.

You pay less tax

Pension contributions may be deducted in the tax return when specifying taxable income. This reduces your tax burden!
It's good to know that our legislator says the following:

  • Anyone already making provisions as part of pillar 2 (pension fund), you can deduct a maximum of 6'883 Swiss francs (as of 2021) per year from your income.
  • If you are not a member of a pension fund you can deduct 20% of your earnings from gainful employment, up to maximum of 34'416 (as of 2021).
  • During the policy term you also do not pay any wealth taxes on the 3a credit balance, and when the assets are paid out, you benefit from a reduced tax rate.

Sustainable investment approach

ESG Icon

We follow a sustainable investment philosophy and promote sustainable investments; our responsible investment process is based on the 3-pillar approach. This approach includes "ESG integration", "impact investing" and "joint progress".

The ESG symbol emphasizes that this investment solution complies with the approaches for responsible investing defined by Zurich Invest Ltd.

Frequently asked questions

What are the differences between an insurance company and a bank when it comes to retirement savings 3a?

Insurance Bank
Policy term Policy term
An insurance contract is always concluded with a fixed term. This means that you sign a contract with the insurance company for 30 to 40 years, until you retire. The advantage of these contracts is that they effectively encourage the insured to save — they do, however, lack flexibility. The banking solution, in contrast, is flexible and offers a degree of freedom when it comes to deciding whether you want to deposit the money or use it for other purposes.
Secure your family Secure your family
The second significant difference is the lump-sum death benefit. With an insurance solution, you can insure your family in the event of death or protect yourself in the event of disability. In the case of a bank account, only the remaining balance is left behind and no additional death cover is provided.
Securities Securities
In the case of a policy with an insurance company, switching between securities and interest is not as easy as it is with a bank account solution. Banking solutions usually provide separate opportunities to invest in securities. For example, the assets flow into a fund that is broadly diversified and therefore provides a certain degree of security while also offering opportunities for returns..

How much can I save in taxes?

This depends on various factors, such as income, place of residence, amount of your deposit, etc.

When can I prematurely terminate 3a?

Early payment from Pillar 3a is possible in the following cases:

m. Permanently leaving Switzerland: If you are definitely emigrating, then you can have your retirement capital paid out.

n. Self-employment: If you become self-employed and are therefore no longer affiliated to a pension fund, you can have the 3rd pillar paid out in the first year of self-employment.

o. Disability: If you draw a full IV disability pension, you can have your pillar 3a credit balance paid out, provided you are not already receiving disability benefits from it.

p. Owner-occupied residential property: If you wish to acquire residential property, repay mortgage loans or acquire share certificates in housing cooperatives, you can have your pillar 3a assets paid out.

Can you also draw from a 3a account in stages?

Each account must be closed in full. A customer can open several accounts; these can then be drawn from in stages.

When must pillar 3a be terminated? And when can you draw from the 3rd column?

Ordinary drawing is dependent exclusively on age. Pillar 3a assets can be drawn at the earliest five years before the normal retirement age (currently 59 for women, 60 for men). If you continue to work, you may continue with pillar 3a for a maximum of five years beyond the normal retirement age.

How many 3rd pillar accounts are you allowed to have?

One account is opened per strategy. A maximum of six accounts are possible with Zurich Insurance Company.

What does pillar 3a mean and how does it work?

Pillar 3a offers a special, tax-privileged form of saving. The contributions made can be deducted from income, which thus reduces the tax burden. The legislator has provided for this in order to motivate the working population to take their pension provision into their own hands.

How does it differ from pillar 3b?

The pension system in Switzerland is divided into three pillars. Pillar 3 is used for private retirement provision (3a and 3b); this is recommended for maintaining your accustomed standard of living after retirement. Pillar 3a is also referred to as a restricted pension plan and is deemed tax-deductible by the Confederation, as it primarily serves the purpose of retirement provision. Pillar 3b is also referred to as an unrestricted pension plan, since you can dispose of it more freely, there is no maximum amount, but the amounts cannot be deducted from taxes.

What is a retirement savings account?

A retirement savings account is a container in which funds can be invested in tax-privileged way. There are pure account solutions where money is held in an account and interest is paid on it, or retirement accounts that are linked to a securities account and used to buy fund units. The fund units are then held in a separate custody account.

How much can I pay into my pillar 3a account?

If you already have a pension fund, you may pay in the maximum amount of up to 6,pay in 826 Swiss francs (as of 2019). If you are self-employed and do not have a pension fund, you may pay a maximum of 34,128 Swiss francs or a maximum of 20 percent of net income into a pillar 3a account. These deposits can be deducted from your taxable income, thus reducing your tax burden.

What happens with pillar 3a in the event of divorce or death?

In the event of death, the amount saved usually go to the spouse or registered partner. If no such person exists, the following persons are beneficiaries:

1. direct descendants or persons who were largely supported by the deceased

2. the person who lived with the deceased without interruption for the last five years until death

3. the person responsible for maintaining joint children

The parents, siblings and other heirs of the deceased are also beneficiaries in later order.

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