The flexible PaymentPlan


Zurich PaymentPlan: with funds or guarantee

Make the most of your capital – the PaymentPlan with funds allows you to decide how your assets are invested. And the PaymentPlan with guarantee gives you a high degree of certainty when planning your finances. 

Zurich PaymentPlan: Three good reasons

Zurich offers you two options The "PaymentPlan with funds" offers you attractive return opportunities. And the "PaymentPlan with guarantee" provides guaranteed payments. Both solutions allow you to stay flexible and enjoy your financial freedom in retirement.


You decide how much you want to invest – and over what period the amount should be paid out. You can also determine the date on which payments should begin. 


The "PaymentPlan with funds" allows you to stay flexible at all times. You can arrange your regular payments yourself to ensure you have a carefree retirement: If your needs change, you can adjust the payment amounts, pause payments or make unplanned withdrawals.

Attractive tax benefits

In comparison to a banking solution, the "PaymentPlan with guarantee" offers you interesting tax advantages – the earnings from the saving phase are, as a rule, tax free. Only the additional profit that is accrued during the distribution phase must be declared as income. An additional benefit: the payment amount is guaranteed.

Zurich PaymentPlan: How it works

How does the PaymentPlan with guarantee work?

The LifeClassic PaymentPlan is an insurance solution with a guarantee:

Your invested capital will be paid out as a pension after you retire for the agreed period. With this insurance solution, the agreed payments are guaranteed. Any surpluses are paid out on top. In addition to tax advantages, you also benefit from financial cover in the event of death.

How does the PaymentPlan with funds work?

Depending on your needs, you choose:

  1. the amount of the overall investment
  2. how you want to invest – either into one of three fund strategies (PaymentPlan with funds) or in the tied assets of Zurich (PaymentPlan with guarantee)
  3. the amount you wish to draw as complementary income and/or the payment term
  4. the date of the first payment.

Both PaymentPlans have specific advantages. Learn more about the details of both solutions in our overview.

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