Safety on the Internet

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Safety on the Internet

Booking flights, finding the nearest supermarket or reading a newspaper on the go – we are now online so often that we have almost become unaware of it. This makes it all the more important that we protect ourselves properly on the Internet. We point out potential risks, provide information and support you – because being online should continue to be fun.
When you are online, the opportunities available to you are never-ending. Criminals also take advantage of this diversity. Be it with unsolicited spam messages that are sent to as many people as possible – in the hope that as many as possible will respond to them. Or with targeted cyber attacks on individuals, companies or institutions.

What are the risks?

Some of the best-known risks and phenomena in the area of Internet security are:

The list is not exhaustive, as technological progress creates new opportunities not only for users, but also for hackers. Internet security is also constantly evolving and offers various options for protecting yourself against cyber attacks and getting help in an emergency.

How can I protect myself?

You can prevent cyber attacks and their consequences using simple methods. These preventive measures are particularly easy to apply and very effective:

  • Choose secure passwords and use 2-factor authentication.
  • Regular software updates for your device and back-ups of your data (e.g. photos).
  • Social media: Check what information you share and with whom.
  • Do not respond to suspicious emails and calls – especially if you are asked to disclose personal data.

Cyber attacks: prevention and insurance

Prevention and help in an emergency – Zurich offers both. Our cyber protection consists of three components: prevention, financial protection when shopping and when surfing – available individually or in combination.

  1. Cyber – Prevention
    With this offer, you use our Zurich Cyber Security app, which combines relevant protection functions such as VPN, identity protection and password manager. You also receive telephone support from IT and cyber security experts. 
  2. Cyber – Safe Shop & Pay
    This insurance offers protection for all aspects of online shopping – from payment to delivery. For example, it ensures that you are financially compensated if your bank account is emptied following a phishing attack. 
  3. Cyber – Secure Surfing
    This protects you financially if your devices need to be cleaned and restored due to malware or a hacker attack. The insurance covers the costs for this.

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