Password security

Password security

Password security

Every day, we use passwords to authenticate our identity - for example, with banks, online shops, or employers. Complexity and length are characteristic of secure passwords. But who can remember dozens of highly complex passwords?
You can either manually define secure passwords or generate and manage them using a password manager. The benefits of a password manager are clear: passwords are ready in seconds, stored uniquely and encrypted on your device.

What makes a password secure?

  1. Length: Secure passwords should be at least 12 characters long.
  2. Complexity: A mix of letters, numbers, and special characters instead of easily guessable names or birth dates.
  3. Single-use: Each user account should have its own password. Never use the same password for multiple purposes.

Secure passwords are essential to protect against data misuse. A password manager can be helpful given the multitude of passwords needed.


Where possible, use two-factor authentication. In addition to entering a password, you will need to provide a code that you receive on your smartphone or email address. This enhances security when logging into user accounts, as a password alone is no longer sufficient.

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