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Your practice in the best hands

As a medical professional, your expertise lies in healing people and protecting their health. At the same time, you are no insurance expert. That is what Zurich is here for – as your reliable insurance partner. Put your trust in the competence of our specialists: They ensure that your practice and medical activities are adequately insured while you can focus completely on your patients and employees.

For your optimal protection

We would like to introduce five central products from our insurance product portfolio for medical professions:

Professional indemnity insurance

As a medical professional, you carry great responsibility. If, in retrospect, a decision turns out to be wrong or if you make a treatment mistake, this can have financial consequences both for your patients and for you. The new professional indemnity insurance from Zurich offers high cost-effectiveness and comprehensive coverage. The expertise of our medical claims team is excellent. Lawyers and employees with many years of experience with liability cases in the medical field are here for you, even in difficult times.

Property insurance

The inventory in practices is often worth a fortune: Medical equipment can easily cost a six figure sum, and the theft or spoilage of medications or loss of supplies can cost you dearly. Zurich property insurance offers protection: In addition to classic risks such as fire, theft, water damage or glass breakage, medical professionals can also insure themselves against, for example, operational interruptions. And with the all risk solutions, you receive a great additional benefit for a small additional cost.

Cyber insurance

Arranging appointments, recording findings, billing – without IT, everything would be brought to a standstill in most practices. Furthermore, patient data is particularly sensitive information. A cyber incident can cause great damage, including to your reputation. We protect you against the financial consequences of cyber incidents and assist you with our partner network so that you can quickly get back to work. Furthermore, as the practice owner, you can also benefit from our free cyber security training for you and your employees.

Legal protection insurance

As the practice owner, you are confronted with legal questions again and again. Disputes with employees, patients or contractual partners cost money and, most of all, time – a scare resource especially for medical professionals. With the Orion MEDIC legal protection insurance, you benefit from business legal expenses insurance, private legal protection insurance and traffic legal protection. You can also obtain legal services from “Orion Legal Services” at preferential conditions so that bigger problems do not arise in the first place.

Occupational pensions

Our Vita Collective Foundation offers you an innovative retirement solution that allows savings to develop their full potential and enables you to position yourself as an attractive employer: Your practice is managed like a separate pension fund. With “Autoinvestment,” you benefit from an investment mechanism tailored to the needs of your practice. The resulting returns benefit you and your employees completely and directly – without cross-financing and redistribution.

Our advisory services

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Frequently asked questions

Are the medications insured under the property insurance if the refrigerator malfunctions (technical defect)?

Yes, with the spoilage coverage, your medications are covered in the event of your refrigerator suffering a technical defect. The insurance covers spoilage of the insured's own goods stored in freezing or refrigeration facilities at the insured location. Goods belonging to third parties are also insured under certain conditions. The necessary costs for the restoration, new procurement or disposal of the spoiled goods and for cleaning the deep freeze or refrigeration facility will be compensated.

Why do I also need cyber insurance if I have a competent IT provider?

Cyber insurance is a good idea even in this situation – for two reasons:

  1. In the case of a complex cyberattack that, for example, encrypts data and subsequently demands a ransom, even good IT specialists quickly reach their limits. An insurance company’s professional partner network with IT and legal experts is then the decisive factor for quick and adequate damage control.
  2. With modern IT infrastructure, you will already be making a significant contribution to preventing cyber incidents. However, beware of the fact that most hacker attacks are influenced by human factors with people often being the gateway (e.g., by opening an email attachment). Appropriate prevention services, such as cyber security training from Zurich, can represent a sensible addition.

What cyber insurance coverages are relevant to the healthcare sector?

  • Cyber data and system restoration:
    Treatments and patient management are planned and supported through information systems. Patient dossiers are being increasingly digitalized and make the work of treating personnel easier. Not much works these days without these systems. It is, therefore, central that damaged data as well as devices infected with malware are restored or cleaned as quickly and effectively as possible.
  • Cyber third-party liability:
    The healthcare sector works with confidential data. Should an insured person experience a data protection breach due to a hacker attack, unintentional disclosure or theft, Zurich will cover the compensation of justified claims and/or defend against unjustified claims.
  • Cybercrime:
    Even if your e-banking data is affected by a cyberattack, this damage is covered. This can, for example, be of great significance regarding salary payments to employees.

The basic professional indemnity insurance package also contains legal protection in criminal proceedings. Do I still require separate legal protection insurance?

Yes, because the legal protection provided for in the professional indemnity insurance is limited to legal proceedings in connection with an insured liability event. The legal protection insurance also covers other criminal proceedings for negligent infringement of legal regulations. Orion offers a product specifically developed for doctors and other certified medical professionals to receive assistance with their own damage claims against third parties. The product also offers assistance with many other matters, e.g., for disputes with the health insurance provider relating to TARMED.

Is it possible to find an occupational pension solution in which there is no redistribution of my contributions?

Yes, with our innovative pension solution, the Vita Collective Foundation, savings can reach their full potential. With “Autoinvestment,” you benefit from an investment mechanism tailored to the needs of your practice. The resulting returns benefit you and your employees completely and directly – without cross-financing and redistribution. Your practice is managed like a separate pension fund.

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