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Cycle way? Cycle away!

You are cycling around a lake and are tempted by the thought of a picnic by the water. Your trusty old bike will wait for you by the cycle way while you rest. Or so you thought. Unfortunately someone else now has it, and you're left to continue on foot. But not for long – your additional "Simple theft outside the home" cover will help you out. You can use the money from your contents insurance to buy yourself a new bike.

When your home is plunged in at the deep end

You return from your vacation by the beach and discover that the weather at home has been terrible. Heavy rain has flooded your cellar, and your ski equipment is learning to swim. You rescue it from the flood, while we rescue your finances. When nature plays havoc, contents insurance will cover the damage.

One policy for all

The one roof over your heads protects you all from rain; the one policy protects you all financially. Anyone who shares your home can benefit from joint insurance. Even if they are only there at the weekend or during the working week. The result is cheaper travel and comprehensive cover.


  • Use modules to create your insurance individually
  • Your free 24-hour service line in the event of a loss in Switzerland is 0800 80 80 80; dial +41 44 628 98 98 from anywhere else in the world
  • In the event of a loss Zurich will coordinate all crafts­people and other involved parties for you
  • Replacement of belongings at their new replace­ment value - after three claim-free years with no deduc­tible (except losses caused by natural hazards)
  • You decide whether after three claim-free years you would like to benefit from 15% premium re­im­burse­ment
  • Benefit from up to 10% premium discount if you have other insurance at Zurich (motor vehicle, life)

At a glance

Basic insurance

  • Replacement of belongings at their new replacement value (up to the specified sum insured)
  • Your contents insurance covers loss or damage due to fire (e.g. smoke, lightning, explosion) and natural hazards (e.g. flood, inundation, storm or hail)
  • Coverage includes loss or damage to household contents as a result of burglary, robbery and simple theft
  • Coverage also includes burglary from locked motor vehicles (up to CHF 5,000)
  • Your household contents are also insured against water damage: for example, liquids leaking from pipes and systems, aquariums and water beds

Additional insurances

  • Theft outside your house or apartment (= simple theft outside the home)
  • Super theft: the agreed sum insured for super theft will be doubled; luggage coverage is also included
  • Home Care Service: organizing and paying for immediate action in emergency situations, e.g. emergency locks, emergency glazing, pipe cleaning or guard service
  • Coverage includes loss or damage caused by breakage of glass in furniture or buildings
  • Insurance against loyalty card, credit card, bank card and SIM card fraud, including card blocking service
  • Frozen goods up to CHF 1,000 can also be insured
Exclusively from your insurance advisor

  • Accident insurance for dogs and cats
  • Accidental damage to cultivated areas: damage to objects kept outdoors, such as plants, lawns, shrubs or trees, paved and gravel paths, as well as fountains and ponds
  • Contents accidental damage insurance for damage to your belongings
  • Insurance against earthquake damage

Attractive terms

  • No reduction in benefit in case of underinsurance (up to max. 10% of the sum insured or CHF 30,000) with the exception of damage caused by natural hazards
  • Up to the age of 25, you benefit from a young persons' discount of up to 20% on your household policy
  • Up to the age of 30, you benefit from a maximum premium discount of up to 10% on your household policy
  • Take advantage of Zurich's partnership with Securitas Direct, a provider of state-of-the-art alarm systems for your home
  • Waldis Safes: Zurich's partner for optimum security solutions for valuable items


Fire, natural hazards, water or theft: your furniture is always optimally insured. Besides the comprehensive insurance protection, Zurich also ensures straightforward processing in the event of a loss.

Overall score of 5.2 in the "Comparis" private liability and household insurance test conducted a survey on customer satisfaction with the Swiss private liability and household insurance companies in collaboration with the market research institution GfK. Zurich achieved a good overall score of 5.2 (test: 05/2018). 

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