Contents Insurance

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Contents Insurance

With Zurich Contents Insurance you can relax. We cover the costs if your property is damaged as a result of natural hazards, fire, water or a break-in.
Young adults up to 30 years old save money thanks to attractive terms.

Fast Mobile Replacement

Thanks to the right insurance, you will be back online within 48h with a replacement device.


Best protection on the road

With Super Theft, your belongings are fully insured while you're on the road - starting at just 50 km from your home, not only if they got stolen but also lost or damaged.


Bonus for young people

Attractive discounts for young adults up to the age of 30.

Benefits at a glance

  • Contents insurance covers damage at home and while traveling worldwide, for example as a result of fire, water, storms, break-in or theft.
  • We also insure against glass breakage, for example, or offer immediate assistance in an emergency.
  • Youth discount: If you are aged from 18 to 25, you benefit from a 20% discount on your household contents (excluding damage caused by natural hazards) and a 30% discount on private liability insurance.
  • Newcomer discount: If you are aged from 26 to 30, you benefit from a 10% discount on your household contents (excluding damage caused by natural hazards) and a 20% discount on private liability insurance.
  • We are available to you by phone 24 hours a day: 0800 80 80 80 or +41 44 628 98 98 (abroad).
  • With the no-claims bonus, you get 15 percent of the premiums back after three claim-free years.
  • Benefit from a premium discount of up to 10 percent if you have other insurance policies with Zurich.
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Why bike insurance is also worthwhile.

Bikes and pedal-assisted e-bikes capable of speeds of up to 25 km/h are covered under the household contents insurance, but the coverage is usually not sufficient. Especially in the case of expensive bicycles worth CHF 2,000 or more and fast pedal-assisted e-bikes capable of speeds of up to 45 km/h, a separate bike insurance is worthwhile in order to be comprehensively protected in the event of theft away from home or damage due to a fall or an accident. This way you are financially protected – whether on the cycle path or trail.

More details

Zurich delivers the optimum choice of solutions for your individual contents insurance.

In detail

Basic insurance

  • all movable objects in your home at replacement value 
  • damage resulting from fire, for example conflagration, smoke, lightning strike or explosion
  • damage resulting from natural hazards, for example inundation, floods, storms or hail
  • damage resulting from water, for example if liquid escapes from pipes, equipment, aquariums or water beds
  • damage resulting from burglary, if someone forcibly enters your home
  • damage resulting from robbery, if someone forcibly removes your property from your person
  • damage resulting from simple theft, i.e. with no application of force
  • stolen items, if someone breaks into your locked vehicle (up to a claim amount of 5,000 Swiss francs)

Supplementary insurance

  • Simple theft outside the home: We cover the costs if you have items stolen outside the community where you live.
  • Super theft: If you have items stolen when traveling, we cover the costs up to double the sum insured. Your items are also insured if they are dropped on the floor or are damaged in any other way. This applies from 50 kilometers away from your home as the crow flies, or when you spend a night away from home.
  • Accidental electrical damage: Is your house full of tablets and cell phones? Insure all electrical devices against mishaps for as little as CHF 68.
  • Glass breakage: We pay for damage to furniture (e.g. broken glass table top or glazing in cabinets) and to the building (e.g. broken windows or glass doors).

Exclusively from an insurance advisor

  • Pet insurance: If your dog or cat has an accident, we will cover the veterinary costs.
  • Accidental damage to cultivated areas: This supplementary insurance covers damage to your garden, for example if a storm destroys plants, paths or fountains.
  • Accidental damage to contents: With this supplementary insurance, your electrical and sports equipment is insured if, for example, water spills over a keyboard, a video camera is dropped or your skis come apart.
  • Earthquake: This supplement includes damage caused by an earthquake.
  • Home Assistance insurance: Your home enjoys complete protection thanks to Home Assistance insurance with an emergency service, locksmith service and pest control service.
  • Cyber Safe Shop & Pay: Thanks to Safe Shop & Pay cyber insurance, you can buy and book online securely and carefree.
  • Cyber Safe Surf: We assume the incurred costs for data restoration after your personal electronic devices got infected with viruses.
  • Rental and sharing vehicles: This insurance saves you the deductible as well as repair and breakdown costs for car rental and car sharing insurance.

Combination discount

If you already have motor vehicle or life insurance with Zurich, we will give you a discount of up to 10 percent on the total premium.

Additional advantages from partners

  • Take advantage of Zurich's partnership with Securitas Direct, a provider of state-of-the-art alarm systems for your home.
  • Our partner "Waldis Tresore" will give you discounts on security solutions for your valuables.

What other customers ask

What is contents insurance, and what is considered as contents?

Contents insurance protects your belongings in the event of incidents such as house fires, burglaries and water damage. Imagine that your house or apartment is a doll's house and you turn it upside down. Everything that has now fallen out of it definitely  comes under contents - including the bike in the basement, the ski equipment in the garage and the luggage set in the attic. The sum insured that you choose should enable you to purchase the entire contents of the moving truck brand new.

What precisely are "contents"?

Imagine that your home is a doll's house and you turn it upside down. Everything that has now fallen out of it definitely counts as content – in addition to your bike in the basement, the ski equipment in the garage and the luggage set in the attic.

In other words: If you had to move out tomorrow, what would you give to the movers? All of this comes under contents and should therefore be considered in the sum insured.

Tip: Your chosen sum insured should enable you to purchase the entire contents of the moving truck brand-new.

What is the value of my contents?

Is your furniture brand-new or has it been through the wars? This is of no importance for the sum insured for contents insurance. The decisive factor is not the current value, but the replacement value. To determine the sum insured, you should consider the price at which you could purchase the contents brand new.

How do I calculate the sum insured?

The sum insured corresponds to the total value of your home contents. But can anybody tell you the value you of their home contents at the drop of a hat? This is why you shouldn't just blindly rely on the standard values given by the online calculator. Because the tool doesn't know that you have a valuable mountain bike, 2,000 books or an expensive sound system. 

But be careful. If you set the sum too low, you run the risk that the insurance will only cover part of the damage if worst comes to worst. If you are unsure, we recommend that you go through the apartment with a notepad and compile all the values.

I live with roommates. Do we need one insurance policy or several?

In principle, all roommates can be covered by a joint contents insurance policy. This also applies to personal liability insurance. However, we recommend an individual insurance policy for each person. This will prevent someone from suddenly being left without insurance coverage after moving out. 

What deductible do I have to pay in the event of a loss?

The deductible for an event is usually CHF 200. But Zurich rewards cautious customers: Your deductible is automatically and completely waived after just three claims-free years. You might be glad of that someday. Should you suffer a mishap, at least it will cost you nothing.

Is my bike insured against theft?

Yes, if theft insurance was selected as part of contents insurance, the claim will be covered. For theft outside, e.g. during the holidays, the additional cover "simple theft outside" or "super theft" is required.

Isn't my bike or e-bike already insured under my household contents insurance?

Bikes and pedal-assisted e-bikes capable of speeds of up to 25 km/h are covered under the household contents insurance, but the coverage and sums insured included often do not provide sufficient protection. Bikes are usually lost or stolen outside the house and the household contents insurance only pays if the "simple theft outside the home" supplement is included. However, this is often only the case up to a sum insured of CHF 2,000. Besides, damage due to an accident or a fall is often not covered or limited to a sum insured under the sports equipment or accidental damage to contents insurance. A supplementary bike insurance is therefore worthwhile, especially in the case of expensive bikes or e-bikes. Pedal-assisted e-bikes capable of speeds of up to 45 km/h are only insured under the household contents insurance with the supplementary cover "Motorcycle and electric motorcycles". These fast e-bikes can also be insured under the bike insurance.

Is cash insured as part of contents insurance?

Yes, cash is insured up to a maximum of CHF 5,000, in the event of a fire or break-in, for example. However, in the case of a confidence trick, such as theft of your wallet in a restaurant for example, the cash is not insured.

Can I get better protection for my cellphone?

You can take out additional insurance coverage for "Simple theft outside the home." Because not only can your cellphone be stolen; it could be dropped, hit, drowned in coffee or left out in the rain. The additional module "Accidental damage to electrical equipment" is there for just such damage, whether it was inflicted by you or someone else. In contrast to basic cellphone insurance, your tablet, TV and gaming PC are also protected – in each case with a deductible of at least CHF 200.

How can I protect my luggage?

At Zurich, you can protect your luggage with additional "Super theft" coverage, the improved version of "Simple theft outside the home." Alongside loss or damage resulting from theft outside of the home (e.g. theft of a bicycle), "super theft" provides cover for damage to or loss of luggage for distances of more than 50 km away from your fixed residence or in the event of at least one overnight stay away from home. In addition, the agreed upon sum insured is automatically doubled in such cases.

Do I need ski insurance in addition to contents insurance?

Usually it is more inexpensive to include the supplementary insurance for "accidental damage to sports equipment" in the contents insurance. This supplementary insurance covers, not only ski breakage, but damage to other sports equipment (including bicycles of a value of more than CHF 1,000).

Should I also take out personal liability insurance? What is this?

Personal liability insurance is often taken out together with contents insurance. This insurance is definitely recommended: it is there for damage that you mistakenly inflict upon others – if you were to stumble, for example, and knock an antique vase off its pedestal or put a burn in the carpet of a hotel room. If something "stupid" happens, so to speak.

But there are also situations that should not happen: for example, if you run a red light on your bicycle and injure a pedestrian or if you light a candle, then leave the house and the building catches fire. Such behavior is considered gross negligence – and in such cases insurers have the right to reduce their benefits.

Tip: Be sure to include gross negligence cover with your personal liability. After all, who can completely rule out the possibility of something really stupid happening to them? The extra few francs are a good investment and ensure that you receive the best possible protection – even if your mind was somewhere else entirely for a moment.

What is the best way for me to insure my other electrical devices?

The additional module "accidental damage to electrical equipment" in contents insurance provides comprehensive coverage for all electrical devices in the household, from your mobile phone, tablet and TV to gaming PC. Irrespective of whether your mobile phone is stolen, the tablet is dropped or you accidentally spill coffee over the laptop - loss, damage and destruction are covered and equipment is replaced up to an amount of CHF 2,000, always with a deductible of at least CHF 200. It makes no difference whether you caused the damage yourself or someone else.

Your Service

Zurich Contents Insurance ensures you always have the best protection. We would be glad to advise you.


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