Contents Insurance

Contents Insurance

The ideal insurance for your possessions

When the days grow shorter, you get visitors more often – even when you are not at home. Jewelry and cash, snowboards, skis and expensive wines are popular targets for thieves. When you suffer a break-in, Zurich Contents Insurance will cover the loss – as in the case of fire, flood or storm damage.

Extra protection for electronic devices

You trip over the charging cable, and your laptop flies through the air. Your smartphone drops into the kitchen sink. The Xbox gives up the ghost. With the additional coverage “Accidental damage to electrical equipment,” you can't go wrong. Starting at just CHF 68 a year for all of your electronic devices.

We make a virtue out of necessity

Broken window following a storm? Broken lock following a break-in? Through a tradesman organized by us, we'll make your home cozy again when you need help after damage has occurred. For example, we'll fit emergency locks free of charge or stand guard over your home.

A winter's dream becomes a nightmare

You leave the mountain restaurant with a full stomach and your head full of plans for daring freeriding. Then it all becomes a blank: Where are your boards? Not on someone else's feet? If they are, your contents insurance can help out thanks to the additional "Simple theft outside the home" coverage.


  • Contents insurance covers damage at home and while traveling worldwide, for example as a result of fire, water, storms, break-in or theft.
  • We also insure against glass breakage, for example, or offer immediate assistance in an emergency.
  • We are available to you by phone 24 hours a day: 0800 80 80 80 or +41 44 628 98 98 (abroad).
  • With the no-claims bonus, you get 15 percent of the premiums back after three claim-free years.
  • Benefit from a premium discount of up to 10 percent if you have other insurance policies with Zurich.

Basic insurance

  • all movable objects in your home at replacement value
  • damage resulting from fire, for example conflagration, smoke, lightning strike or explosion
  • damage resulting from natural hazards, for example inundation, floods, storms or hail
  • damage resulting from water, for example if liquid escapes from pipes, equipment, aquariums or water beds
  • damage resulting from burglary, if someone forcibly enters your home
  • damage resulting from robbery, if someone forcibly removes your property from your person
  • damage resulting from simple theft, i.e. with no application of force
  • stolen items, if someone breaks into your locked vehicle (up to a claim amount of 5,000 Swiss francs)

Supplementary insurance

  • Simple theft outside the home: We cover the costs if you have items stolen outside the community where you live.
  • Super theft: If you have items stolen when traveling, we cover the costs up to double the sum insured. Your items are also insured if they are dropped on the floor or are damaged in any other way. This applies from 50 kilometers away from your home as the crow flies, or when you spend a night away from home.
  • Accidental electrical damage: Is your house full of tablets and cell phones? Insure all electrical devices against mishaps for as little as CHF 68.
  • Home Care Service: If you are in difficulties because your home has become uninhabitable, we will organize immediate assistance free of charge. Our team will install emergency locks or emergency glazing, clean pipes or guard your home.
  • Glass breakage: We pay for damage to furniture (e.g. broken glass table top or glazing in cabinets) and to the building (e.g. broken windows or glass doors).
  • Card blocking service: We cover the costs if your credit card, debit card, customer loyalty card or SIM card is lost or misused.

Attractive terms for young adults and families

  • If you are between the ages of 18 and 25, you benefit from an 18-percent discount.
  • If you are between the ages of 26 and 30, you receive an 8-percent discount.
  • If you already have motor vehicle or life insurance with Zurich, we will give you a discount of up to 10 percent on the total premium. 
  • Take advantage of Zurich's partnership with Securitas Direct, a provider of state-of-the-art alarm systems for your home.
  • Our partner "Waldis Tresore" will give you discounts on security solutions for your valuables.

Exclusively from an insurance advisor

  • Pet insurance: If your dog or cat has an accident, we will cover the veterinary costs.
  • Accidental damage to cultivated areas: This supplementary insurance covers damage to your garden, for example if a storm destroys plants, paths or fountains.
  • Accidental damage to contents: With this supplementary insurance, your electrical and sports equipment is insured if, for example, water spills over a keyboard, a video camera is dropped or your skis come apart.
  • Earthquake: This supplement includes damage caused by an earthquake.

Overall score of 5.2 in the "Comparis" private liability and household insurance test conducted a survey on customer satisfaction with the Swiss private liability and household insurance companies in collaboration with the market research institution GfK. Zurich achieved a good overall score of 5.2 (test: 05/2018). 

Optimum protection for young adults

Zurich offers you many advantages – especially if you are under 30. Key information at a glance:

  • Premium discounts allow young adults to save money
  • People living in the same household can insure themselves jointly
  • With "Accidental damage to electrical equipment," all devices are cost-effectively insured – from your games console to your tablet
of customers take out contents and personal liability insurance together.
of customers with contents insurance also insure theft outside the home or super theft.
of customers with contents insurance also protect against glass breakage.

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Protection for irreplaceable items

A piece of jewelry, a painting or a musical instrument: our valuables insurance provides financial compensation for your most treasured possessions.

Supplementary coverage

When pipes leak and cause damage to the building, we're here to help – and with buildings insurance we also cover the high costs of locating, exposing and covering the damaged pipe.

Covered in case something goes wrong

Run over the neighbors' cat on your bike? Burned a hole in your friends' Persian carpet? Personal liability insurance is there to pay for events such as these.