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What is better than taking your future into your own hands?

Whether you want to protect your family, increase your assets or enjoy life to the full: The right time to plan for your future is now.

Your future, our retirement provision expertise

Non importa dove ti trovi: Vi sosteniamo dove avete bisogno di noi.

Protect your family properly

Ensure that your family is comprehensively protected – whatever life may bring.

Increase your assets with our top investments

Saving is good, but clever investment is better: There are enormous differences in returns. Let us advise you.

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Enjoy life to the full

Make provisions today to ensure you can enjoy your life to the full tomorrow – pension planning helps you set the course for your future.

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University education and vocational training

Save for big dreams and protect yourself against financial risks.

Retirement provision and investment product recommendation

Our online check gives you an overview of our products that best match your needs in just a few clicks.

Frequently asked questions about retirement provision

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Current studies confirm: knowledge is worth more than gold

Women and retirement provision - more knowledge for equal opportunities

  • Almost 80% of women grade their financial knowledge as mediocre to very poor.
  • 48% of men, but only 32% of women invest their personal savings with a yield orientation.
  • 61% of the full-time employed pay into pillar 3a - among the part-time employed this is only 48% although this would be especially worthwhile for them.

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  • 57% are not aware that for many people the greater part of their assets is to be found in the pension fund.
  • 50% of employed people regard the contributions to the 2nd pillar as a kind of tax or fee. Why? Because they are deducted directly from the salary. 
  • Only 22% of people ask about this at the job interview: yet occupational retirement provision plays a major role for income in old age.

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