Pension planning

Plan your pension and fulfill your dreams

What dreams would you like to fulfill during retirement? It is worth laying the foundations early. This will ensure that your finances enable you to enjoy new freedom when you are older. Did you know? With just CHF 10 per day you can save around CHF 40,000 between the ages of 55 and 65 – providing you with the means to enjoy a world tour or buy a campervan.

Good to know

Income gap in old age

According to the "Fairplay" survey, there is a gap between the desired retirement income from the 1st and 2nd pillars and reality: On average, respondents need 76% of their current income, but can only count on around 60%. So, private retirement provision is all the more important.

Planning on retiring early?

Early retirement is costly. Plan for your early retirement in good time. The pension certificate you receive from your pension fund shows exactly how much your pension will be – and how much you would lose if you retire early.

Annuity or lump sum

You can withdraw the balance from your pension fund as a lifetime annuity or a lump sum. A combination of both is also possible. Think carefully about this decision, you will not be able to change it afterward.

Plan today, enjoy tomorrow

Now is the time to take a look at your retirement. Whether you are 50 years old or already in your last year at work: in each phase there are questions to be answered. Our specialists are on hand to advise you.
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Plotting your financial future

We adapt our products and services to suit your individual requirements and circumstances. We give you comprehensive advice, to ensure that you can enjoy your retirement to the full.
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Financial and retirement planning

By carrying out comprehensive financial planning, you lay the foundation for a relaxed future, even after retirement.

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Retirement Plan

Do you want to have an additional regular source of income after retirement and to profit from your assets for as long as possible? You can do both with the Zurich Invest Payment Plan.

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Financially secure, for as long as you live

Do you want a secure additional income when you retire? The Zurich retirement pension offers a guaranteed payment thanks to insurance cover: for as long as you live.

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Do you want to be financially independent when you retire? We help you find the appropriate investment solution in line with your risk tolerance.

Retirement: Get advice now

Do you have more questions than answers regarding your retirement? Our team of experts has the answers to all your questions and will be happy to assist you. Simply complete our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Pension guide: Carefree retirement

Our article guide features useful information about retirement.
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Long life and the retirement pension

We are all likely to enjoy and increasingly longer life – yet our pension systems have not yet been aligned with this. In this article you will find out what you can do to ensure your retirement pension is large enough and you are financially secure throughout your life.
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Design your future with us

Comprehensive financial or retirement planning is the first step on the way to a relaxed retirement.
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Early retirement – how a dream becomes reality

Are you dreaming about retiring a few years early? You're not alone. But early retirement is costly. Find out if you can afford it and what you need to do to make your dream a reality.

Realize your dreams with the right pension when you retire

Leonardo has built up a successful business in “Gelateria Leonardo”. Now he is 56 – and is starting to think about what else he would like out of life.
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"Pension or lump-sum payment?" A question of happiness for Kurt and Franziska

They are currently debating whether to have their retirement assets paid out as a lump sum or whether to draw a pension. We put three suggestions to the test.
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Retirement planning becomes a key issue when you turn 50

Those who wish to enjoy a well-funded retirement should start to take stock of the situation once they turn 50 and carry out a thorough review of their retirement planning.
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Retirement à la carte

Udo Jürgens once sung: "Life begins at 66." When do you want to retire? As early as possible, at the normal time or preferably a bit later?
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Older employees: Clichés vs. Reality

Are older workers expensive and inflexible, and can’t keep up? False. We expose why these notions as mere prejudices.