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Retirement provision: how big is your gap?

Whether you're just starting your career, starting a family, or are about to retire: Get an initial overview of your personal retirement provision situation.

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Career and family

Ensure that you and your family have sufficient financial resources for life.

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Increase your assets with our top investments

Saving is good, but clever investment is better: There are enormous differences in returns. Let us advise you.

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Enjoy life to the full

Make provisions today to ensure you can enjoy your life to the full tomorrow – pension planning helps you set the course for your future.

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University education and vocational training

Save for big dreams and protect yourself against financial risks.

Frequently asked questions about retirement provision

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Current studies confirm: knowledge is worth more than gold

Women and retirement provision - more knowledge for equal opportunities

  • Almost 80% of women grade their financial knowledge as mediocre to very poor.
  • 48% of men, but only 32% of women invest their personal savings with a yield orientation.
  • 61% of the full-time employed pay into pillar 3a - among the part-time employed this is only 48% although this would be especially worthwhile for them.

More about the study

Fairplay 2023

  • 76% of their current income after retirement, that’s what the Swiss population requires – but from the 1st and 2nd pillars, they only receive 60%.
  • 73% are concerned because inflation is increasing the cost of living, but only 29% are concerned about loss of purchasing power in occupational retirement provision.
  • 87% of those surveyed would welcome retirement provision and financial issues being taught in schools.

More about the study (German Version)

Advice on retirement provision: save smart and protect yourself

What could be better than taking charge of your future now? Our guide features useful information about retirement provisions.
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The 3 pillars concept – an overview

What are the three pillars actually? Who pays how much into them? What actions do I have to take? The three pillars concept can be confusing. In this article you will find an overview of the Swiss pension system.
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Pillars 3a and 3b – an overview

Why is it worth paying into pillar 3a? When should you start saving? And what is the difference between a saving and an insurance solution? The third pillar is an important element in retirement provision. Here, you will find the most important information on this subject.
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Good retirement provision for part-time employment too

Children or career? Today, both are possible – the world has become far more flexible and part-time employment far more widespread.
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denly disabled – what now?

In the case of disability due to illness financial losses of 30 to 40% of your previous income are nothing unusual. This doesn't have to be the case.
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Invest for your future – including in pillar 3a

Good reasons to invest your pillar 3a restricted pension plan in securities.
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Early retirement – how a dream becomes reality

Are you dreaming about retiring a few years early? You're not alone. But early retirement is costly. Find out if you can afford it and what you need to do to make your dream a reality.
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Practical tips for your retirement provision

Robust retirement provision will benefit you now and in the future. We show you how you can best leverage all three pillars. The sooner you start saving for your retirement, the more you will get out later!
Bank or insurance

Pillar 3a: Bank or insurance?

Are you uncertain whether you should open your pillar 3a with a bank or an insurance company? We have listed the common features and differences for you. Find out which retirement provision solution is the better fit for your requirements.
Payout 3a taxes

Pillar 3a: Save taxes on withdrawals

By withdrawing your retirement assets from pillar 3a and your occupational pension fund on a staggered basis, you can minimize your tax burden.
Marriage or common-law partnerships

Marriage or common-law partnerships: Who gets the best deal?

As soon as two people are co-habiting, they are living in a common-law partnership. A couple in a common-law partnership, however, does not enjoy the same protection as a married couple. We explain why.
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Women and retirement provisions: How to get more out of your savings

Women are more likely to have gaps in their retirement provisions than men, which puts them at higher risk of financial hardship in old age, as shown by a new study from the research institute Sotomo.
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Comparison of pillars 3a and 3b

The 3rd pillar is divided into pillar 3a and pillar 3b. In this article, you will find out about the important features of the two pillars, how they differ and which one you should invest in first. You will also find answers to the most frequently asked questions on the subject.
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Clever retirement provision with green investments

Sustainable retirement provision made easy. With the two new investment vehicles, the "ZIF Green Bond Global" and "Zurich Carbon Neutral World Equity Fund", you not only provide for the future cleverly, but also with a clear conscience.
New study: Serious gaps in knowledge of occupational retirement provision

Fair play Study 2021: Serious gaps in knowledge of occupational retirement provision

People in Switzerland are unaware that their pension fund capital forms part of their own assets. This has far-reaching consequences.
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Long life and the retirement pension

We are all likely to enjoy and increasingly longer life – yet our pension systems have not yet been aligned with this. In this article you will find out what you can do to ensure your retirement pension is large enough and you are financially secure throughout your life.