Vested benefit solution with funds

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Vested benefits with fund savings

Attractive investments for capital from occupational retirement provisions. The capital from your occupation retirement provisions is a mainstay for your future. With the funds-based Zurich Vested Benefits Account, you choose one of five investment concepts with attractive potential returns on your capital, in line with your personal risk tolerance and investment horizon.

Benefits at a glance

  • Optimum investment for your vested benefits
  • You pick the investment strategy that's right for you
  • If necessary, you can use your provision assets as part of the available statutory options

In detail

In certain life situations, you can or are obliged to transfer your pension capital from pillar 2 to a vested benefits account. The funds-based vested benefits account from Zurich lets you maintain your benefit coverage while capturing attractive potential returns.

Good to know

  • Security: all of the investment strategies we offer are subject to strict legal investment guidelines as set out in Swiss Federal Occupational Retirement, Survivors’ and Disability Pensions Act (BVV 2)
  • Competence: funds are managed by proven investment specialists
  • Transparency: Zurich delivers a monthly report on the performance of all investment strategies for the product Zurich Invest Vested Benefits
  • Your insurance coverage in the event of death or disability may be incomplete if the pension provider changes or the employment relationship is terminated. Protect yourself and your family with the right insurance solutions from Zurich
  • You will find the link to the current prices (c-class) below:

More details

Cases where the product Zurich Invest Vested Benefits might be right for you

  • You become self-employed, which means occupational retirement provisions are no longer obligatory
  • You work part-time and your salary is less than the minimum insurable earnings
  • You cannot transfer your entire vested benefits to your new employer’s pension plan
  • You are temporarily not paying back an advance from your home owner funding (because you want to buy a new property in the near future)
  • You interrupt gainful employment for the medium- to long-term (e.g. due to a period abroad, vocational training)

Choose from five investment strategies

  • Your provision capital is invested worldwide in selected stocks, bonds and money market papers
  • Choose from five investment strategies according to your risk tolerance and investment horizon; the strategies mainly vary in terms of their equity share
  • Your potential returns are therefore higher than for an account with a fixed interest rate
  • You can switch the investment strategy of your Zurich Invest Vested Benefits once a year at no extra charge

You can draw your vested benefits in the following cases

Your Zurich Invest Vested Benefits custody account balance serves to maintain your occupational retirement provisions as defined by legislation. This means that you can only use it for the following reasons before reaching the statutory retirement age:

  • You transfer your balance to a pension fund or another vested benefits account
  • You draw a full disability pension from the Swiss Federal Disability Insurance
  • You become self-employed and are not legally required to take part in an occupational retirement plan
  • You purchase residential property for your own use
  • You emigrate permanently from Switzerland (subject to cash payment limitation on departing for certain European countries)

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