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Top-class insurance and services, especially for you and your electric or plug-in vehicle.
Environmentally friendly


Cut-price driving for the environmentally aware – reduction of up to 20 percent on your premium.

Environmentally friendly

E-Mobility Protect

The all-round protection – exclusively for your electric or plug-in vehicle.

Crash Car

Premium protection

Your premium is not automatically increased following the event of a loss.

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Fully charged insurance coverage – operating errors, lightening strikes and deep discharge all optimally insured.

charging cable

Charging station and accessories protection

The all-round protection for your charging infrastructure at home, in your vacation apartment and when out and about.

Charging Card

Charging card and app protection

Safeguarded against financial loss.

Select the complete package or individual coverage options

The insurance covers damage to the high-voltage battery, theft of and damage to the charging infrastructure at home or in your holiday apartment, as well as the loss of charging cards and the unauthorized use of charging cards and charging apps.

Optional: Battery PLUS

The insurance covers damage to the high-voltage battery (HV battery) caused by operating errors, overvoltage, overcurrent, deep discharge or charger malfunction. Insurance coverage applies if the HV battery suffers an exceptional capacity loss of more than 50% in the first three years of operation. Zurich covers the costs for repairing or replacing a HV battery. The maximum compensation is limited to the vehicle's replacement value. In addition, disposal costs which occur in connection with a damage are also covered up to CHF 2,000.

Optional: Charging station and accessories protection

The insurance covers theft of and damage to charging stations (e.g. wallbox) and charging accessories (e.g. mobile charging stations and devices, charging cables as well as bags and adapters). The insurance covers damages caused by overvoltage, short circuit, operating errors and malfunctions, impact, overturning, vandalism, fire, lightning, flood, etc. Zurich pays the costs of repair or replacement for an equivalent item up to the agreed sum insured. For charging stations from the fifth year of operation, the compensation is reduced according to the operating duration.

Optional: Charging card and app protection

In the event of loss of the charging card or damage caused by the unauthorized use of the charging card or recharge app by third parties, Zurich covers the costs up to the sum insured specified in the policy. Blocking and replacement fees are also insured. Your family members' charging cards and charging apps are also insured.

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