Zurich vitaparcours

Zurich vitaparcours

Zurich vitaparcours

The Zurich vitaparcours is a real classic for enjoying some targeted training in the great outdoors. And the courses now offer you some completely new possibilities: Put together your own individual workout with the new app - for even more training fun and variety.


Enjoy even more targeted training with the new app

The new app for the Zurich vitaparcours offers you completely new possibilities:

  1. Find your next parcours effortlessly, even when on the go
  2. Put together your own personal training plan
  3. Try out some animated exercises as well
  4. Get yourself motivated with "Success badges"
  5. Benefit from training tips and tricks 
  6. Take advantage of the tracking and analysis functions
  7. Get a reward from Zurich for joining in.

Get to know the Zurich vitaparcours in a completely new way

The Zurich vitaparcours courses are a real classic that have already been popular for around 55 years. But we bet you still don't know everything about them?

How do the Zurich vitaparcours actually work?

The Zurich vitaparcours are fitness trails or courses outside in nature. Exercises for strength, endurance, mobility and dexterity can be completed at 15 exercise stations - in line with your personal training goals. The Zurich vitaparcours combine exercise, fresh air and nature. And this benefits your body and soul at the same time.

Some surprising facts?

Did you know? There are 500 Zurich vitaparcours throughout Switzerland. They're open 365 days a year, 24-hours a day. The average length is 2.3 km, and on average a difference in altitude of 60 m must be overcome. Some courses are relaxing, others are challenging - but all of them can be found in the forest.

What are the best training tips?

Warming up thoroughly before training will help you avoid injuries. Increase your training intensity slowly, but try to include all of your muscle groups if possible. Rest periods are important! With the right equipment and good running shoes, tumbles and falls can be avoided. And stretching after exercise is important - your body will thank you.

You can get more "preventive" tips from the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention.

Get to know the Zurich vitaparcours in a completely new way

The Zurich vitaparcours courses are a real classic that have already been popular for around 55 years. But we bet you still don't know everything about them?
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Carefree training

Many sports accidents happen while jogging. However, many of them can be avoided with a little attention.

Woman preparing for training

The five most important tips:

  • Gradually increase the frequency, duration and intensity of your runs
  • Supplement running with strength training – especially after injuries
  • Stay focused in challenging terrain
  • Make sure you are visible – even during the day
  • Seek advice from a specialist retailer when buying running shoes

You can get more preventive tips from the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention.

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Sustainable and healthy eating

With sustainable menus, recyclable packaging and the reduction of food waste, Zurich is striving to make its food operations sustainable on a permanent basis.

Our engagement

Zurich is committed to sports and culture, for example, to the Swiss national football teams, at the Zurich Opera House and at Lucerne Festival.

Football players

Swiss national football teams

We are committed to Swiss football: Zurich has been the official insurance partner of the Swiss national football teams since 2022. We are proud to be able to support the women's, men's and junior national teams as a sponsor and to actively foster young talent with our commitment.


Zurich Opera House

Tradition and passion: Zurich Opera House is one of the world's most renowned music theaters. It demonstrates an impressive range and innovative strength with around 300 operas, ballet performances and concerts, ranging from the baroque period to modern productions.


Lucerne Festival

Zurich has been supporting the Lucerne Festival since 1990 and has since been pursuing the goal of making classical music accessible to a wide audience from day one. The festival has now become one of the world's most important events for classical music.

Your future, our expertise

With our insurance solutions, you have optimum protection.
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Optimum protection

Accident insurance, as an add-on to your mandatory insurance, gives you optimum protection at home and in your leisure time.

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Premium Life savings insurance

Premium Life life insurance offers you two things: a guaranteed savings capital as well as attractive potential returns. What's more, the protection can be adapted in line with your life flexibly.

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Pension calculator

With this pension calculator you can calculate any possible shortfalls or gaps in your retirement provision. Our specialists can then show you how to close them. We would be happy to advise you!

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Compensation Insurance

Do you work but are not part of collective compensation insurance. Zurich Individual Compensation Insurance protects you against loss of income should you become ill.

Woman and man with dog in pension consultation

Prepare for the future

Retirement provision fits into every phase of your life: whether you're currently in education, starting out on your career, protecting your family or heading for retirement. The right time to plan for your future is now.