Zurich vitaparcours

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What is better than time out doing sport in the fresh air?

Zurich vitaparcours is your free outdoor fitness center. A commitment from Zurich Switzerland – for over 50 years.

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Zurich vitaparcours

Fancy a jogging run? Or perhaps a pleasant forest walk? A Zurich vitaparcours fitness trail offers something for everyone. Whether you walk or jog, exercise in the fresh air is guaranteed to be fun and is good for your health. That's why Zurich Switzerland has been committed to this concept since 1968. Over 500 Zurich vitaparcours throughout Switzerland are free and permanently open – 365 days a year.

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Here's how it works

500 or so Zurich vitaparcours are inviting places to train in the fresh air. You will find 15 respective stations with a total of 43 exercises, or at least six stations on a short course. The exercises are described in detail. Our tip: With a good warm-up and the right shoes, you can enjoy safe and carefree training.

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To your Zurich vitaparcours

With 500 Zurich vitaparcours throughout Switzerland, there's guaranteed to be one close to you.

Zurich vitaparcours are available free for your outdoor training.
meters above sea level – the Zurich vitaparcours Thyon-Les Collons starts at this altitude.
was the year when the first Zurich vitaparcours was created. It is located in Zurich-Fluntern.
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Carefree training

Many sports accidents happen while jogging. However, many of them can be avoided with a little attention.

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The five most important tips:

  • Gradually increase the frequency, duration and intensity of your runs
  • Supplement running with strength training – especially after injuries
  • Stay focused in challenging terrain
  • Make sure you are visible – even during the day
  • Seek advice from a specialist retailer when buying running shoes

You can get more preventive tips from the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention.

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Accident insurance just in case

Unfortunately, accidents can happen before you know it – all it takes is one wrong step, a fall, or a minor mishap. Gaps in coverage can occur under certain circumstances, especially during a career break. We show you how you can protect yourself optimally.

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Get financially fit too

On a Zurich vitaparcours you can get your body in shape and thus enhance your well-being. Treat your wallet to a fitness course as well: we show you what really matters and support you on your journey through the jungle of pension products.