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Corporate Customers

Group daily sickness benefits insurance

This type of insurance covers the costs imposed by the law, that ask businesses to continue paying their employees when sick or on maternity leave.

General Accident Insurance

Cover your employees against accidents and occupational illness and comply with the Law on Accident Insurance thanks to Zurich Insurance.

Accident Insurance for self-employed persons

Accidents at work can happen easily. Zurich Accident Insurance for self-employed provides you with coverage for anything that can keep you from work.


Thinking about tomorrow today

One of the biggest decisions we face is: "While enjoying my life today, how can I prepare financially for later on in life?"

Protection against the flu

The annual flu epidemic belongs to winter like Christmas, shorter days and fog. How to protect yourself and those around you.

The greatest threat lurks inside the earth

Earthquakes are the natural hazard with the greatest destructive potential. Yet many are insufficiently insured against them.