Wedding Insurance

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Wedding insurance – Only with Zurich

A wedding is a very special day in your life, and we hope it will turn out just as beautiful as you imagined. If something comes up and the celebrations have to be cancelled or postponed, however, our wedding insurance protects you against the financial consequences.

Good reasons for the Wedding insurance

Now also for free wedding ceremonies

Regardless of whether it is a classic wedding or a free wedding ceremony - the cancellation costs are covered up to CHF 20,000.


Protected throughout Europe

The wedding insurance covers wedding receptions throughout Europe.

Simply take out a policy online

Take out a policy online now with just a few clicks, for a one-time premium of CHF 135.

Benefits at a glance

  • You are financially covered should the wedding reception(s) need to be cancelled or postponed.
  • The father of the bride is sick? The organizer has filed for insolvency? The wedding insurance covers numerous reasons for which the wedding may need to be cancelled or postponed.
  • Cancellation costs of up to CHF 20,000 are insured.
  • You pay only CHF 135 and are covered for one year – throughout Europe.
  • Wedding receptions in the context of a free wedding ceremony or after the registration of a civil partnership are also insured.
  • The wedding insurance also makes a great gift – take it out directly online and treat the happy couple.

Information and frequently asked questions about the Wedding insurance

Is my wedding dress also insured?

No, the object of the insurance is the wedding reception or the contractually owed cancellation costs. Your wedding dress and, for example, wedding rings are therefore not insured. Would you also like to insure these (e.g. against damage or loss)? Then take a look at our insurance of valuables.

Which incidents are insured against?

The insurance covers postponement or cancellation of the wedding reception(s) as a result of the following incidents (no insurance coverage is provided if such an event is related to the Corona pandemic, see Article 8 of the General Conditions of Insurance):

  • If a wedding partner, witness or close relative (children, parents, grandparents, siblings) falls seriously ill, has an accident or even dies.
  • If a wedding partner, witness or close relative (children, parents, grandparents, siblings) is unable to travel because their means of transport is cancelled or breaks down.
  • If booked event rooms cannot be used due to fire or water damage, a natural hazard, an earthquake or due to a double booking.
  • If the organizer or another service supplier commissioned to organize the wedding reception files for insolvency.
  • If a wedding partner is required to stay at home due to a domestic emergency, such as burglary, fire or water damage, a natural hazard or an earthquake.

What is not insured?

The following provides an overview of the significant non-insured cases – the complete list can be found in the General Conditions of Insurance:

  • Incidents that have already taken place or whose occurrence was foreseeable at the time the insurance was taken out
  • Cancellation of the wedding reception due to pregnancy-related issues or childbirth, if the expected date of birth is less than two months before or after the date of the wedding ceremony or wedding reception
  • Damage caused as a result of epidemics and pandemics

Our wedding reception will take place outside of Switzerland, are we still insured?

Yes, as long as the wedding reception is held in Europe. Relevant here is whether or not the location geographically belongs to European continent. The insurance therefore covers wedding receptions in all countries belonging to the European continent, excluding their overseas territories. In the east, this area ends at the European part of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia as well as with the mountain ridge of the Ural Mountains.

How much will I receive in the event of a loss?

In the event of cancellation, the wedding insurance covers contractually owed cancellation costs up to CHF 20,000. This also includes lost down payments. Some examples of covered costs include: reservation fees for the location, down payments for flower arrangements, cakes or transportation, a contractually agreed minimum consumption in the restaurant or a deposit paid for the photographer. Costs such as those for the wedding dress or accommodation costs paid by the guests themselves are not covered, however.

Can Zurich send me an offer?

We developed the wedding insurance to be a very simple product that you can take out directly online – at a uniform price of  CHF 135. Hence we are not able to provide individual offers.

How long will the contract be valid after I sign?

The wedding insurance is valid for one year. Following this period, the insurance expires automatically. No notice of termination is required. Please note that the insurance coverage is only valid if both the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception fall within the period of insurance cover and their dates have been definitely fixed.

Our wedding reception is not set to take place for another year and a half, can I choose a longer term?

You can set the policy to begin six months into the future, but the one-year term cannot be adjusted. For example, if your wedding reception is planned to take place in two years’ time, we recommend setting a reminder for six months from now so that you can take out your wedding insurance then. Please note, however, that the date of the wedding ceremony and the date of the wedding reception must be definitely fixed for the insurance coverage to be valid.

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