Financial or retirement planning

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Plan today, enjoy tomorrow

Set a course for your personal future now. We support you in this process – with comprehensive financial or pension planning. You define your personal goals – we analyze your situation and then work out a solution strategy for fulfilling your wishes.

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Comprehensive financial planning

Our specialists will create an analysis of your personal situation and show you what you need to do to achieve your savings goals.

Comprehensive retirement planning

Find out how much money you can expect after retirement – and how much early or partial retirement would cost.

Everything from a single source

At Zurich, we can offer you everything from a single source – from pure risk coverage and retirement products with risk protection to attractive investment solutions from Zurich Invest Ltd.

Insurance benefits

  • You will discover previously unknown financial opportunities
  • You will find out what measures are necessary to achieve your goals and fulfill your desires
  • You will have the security of being able to make the right decisions in a relaxed manner
  • Your planning will be future-oriented and you will receive active assistance and support from us

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Other products

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Term life insurance

If you have special responsibilities, for example in your family or as an entrepreneur, you should provide financial security in the event of death.


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Long life and the retirement pension

We are all likely to enjoy and increasingly longer life – yet our pension systems have not yet been aligned with this. In this article you will find out what you can do to ensure your retirement pension is large enough and you are financially secure throughout your life.
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OASI reform: The primary changes

The OASI reform applies from January 1, 2024 – and it affects everyone. These are the most important changes and how they will affect you.
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Early retirement – how a dream becomes reality

Are you dreaming about retiring a few years early? You're not alone. But early retirement is costly. Find out if you can afford it and what you need to do to make your dream a reality.
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5 reasons for choosing term life insurance

Death changes everything in one stroke – suddenly a father, sister or husband is gone. The emotional pain is difficult enough. Why compound it with financial worries?
Payout 3a taxes

Pillar 3a: Save taxes on withdrawals

By withdrawing your retirement assets from pillar 3a and your occupational pension fund on a staggered basis, you can minimize your tax burden.