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Dear money, we should talk Money is not everything in life, but it enables us to realize many of our dreams. For some, dreaming is easier than calculating and the question remains open: How does money have to be invested in order to safely reach the goal of one's own desires? Zurich's experts will provide you with competent support.

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It’s all about you

At Zurich Investment advisory, you are our focus. It is important for us to know who you are, where you stand today, and what you want to achieve – that is the only way we can design an investment solution that is right for you.


In harmony with risks

The security and safeguarding of investment opportunities are key concerns in our advisory approach. As a comprehensive financial services company, we can perfectly combine investment and, if desired, insurance coverage in line with your needs.

Piggy bank

Transparent and tangible

Our experts help you invest your assets so you can access them according to your own needs. You always know exactly in what way and how much of your assets are invested.

More details

We place a high value on sustainable success and stability. That is why our advisory approach is based on a 4-level pyramid model.

Level 1: Secure your livelihood
The base of the pyramid involves securing your income for you and your family. To do this, we gather information about your public, professional and private benefits.

Level 2: Accumulate assets
To help you accumulate assets strategically, we analyze the value of your assets. In the process, we pay attention to liquidity – both today and at the time of your retirement. If necessary, we can also help you clarify the financing of your own home.

Level 3: Optimization of assets
Beginning with your personal situation and your wishes, we determine your investment profile and define your investment strategy together with you. In that way, you receive an investment solution that is optimally adapted to your needs.

Level 4: Recognize leeway
With the capital that you are not using to reach your long-term goals, you can take advantage of chances on the market or invest in a collector’s item, such as a vintage car or a beautiful painting.
Investment advisory eBook


Everything you need to know about investing If you want to invest your assets for the long term and profitably, there are a couple of fundamental investment issues you won’t be able to avoid. With our e-book, we want to explain everything that is important in a simple and comprehensive way.