Changing car or Carinsurance

Changing your car or carinsurance

New vehicle or second-hand, electric or oil-driven, buy or lease? When you are buying a new car there is a lot to think about — including insurance. We are here for you to make sure nothing important is forgotten.

Good to know

Mandatory car insurance

In Switzerland, car liability insurance is mandatory. It covers damage to other vehicles, people or property caused by your car.

Insu­rance certifi­cate for a change in vehicle

When purchasing a new car, you must be able to prove that the new vehicle is insured. Contact your insurer to find out.

Time to change your insurance

If you change vehicle, in the event of a loss, if premiums increase or after three years of insurance.

Frequently asked questions about getting a new car and switching your insurance

When purchasing a new car and switching your insurance there are lots of questions to consider. In our FAQ you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.
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Changing car insurance

Find out immediately how much you pay at Zurich for your car insurance. 

Keep moving

With our insurance solutions you and your vehicle receive the best possible protection.
Drive a car

Car Insurance

Third party liability, collision or partial casco: Zurich delivers the optimum choice in coverage for your individual car insurance.

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Insurance by the kilometer The low-cost alternative to classic car insurance offers round-the-clock protection at a lower price.

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Digital car assistant - Your car in an app

Plug in the adapter, download the app and start leveraging your vehicle data. Zurich is giving you the autoSense adapter worth CHF 69 as a gift.

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24/7 Roadside assistance

Keep rolling with your car, motorbike or moped at home and abroad. Roadside insurance with recovery service.

Guide to buying a new or used car: Tips and tricks

Our article guide features useful information about buying a new or used car.
Woman standing in front of her car and spreading her arms out

Vehicle registration: the easy way

Before you drive off in your new car, you must register it with the Road Traffic Office. Our guide tells you how to do so without any problems.
Switch to electric car

An electric car: Is it worth it?

Electric engines are regarded as the propulsion system of the future – but is it worth switching over? The most important arguments.
used car purchase

Five tips for buying a second-hand vehicle

Here you’ll find some useful tips to help you get it right first time when you buy second-hand.
Car import Switzerland

Direct car import to Switzerland

Do you want to move to Switzerland and take your car with you? A direct import is usually cheaper than selling abroad and buying new in Switzerland. Read how to correctly import, declare, show, insure and register your vehicle.
Young woman attaches surfboard to the roof of the car

Damaged a borrowed car – what now?

Damaging a borrowed car can be expensive. You can get insurance for it: with additional private liability insurance coverage for "Driving third-party motor vehicles."
Man looking at his smartphone and leaning against a car

autosense – the clever vehicle assistant

Plug in the adapter, download the app and use vehicle data smartly. autoSense offers users numerous functions for greater convenience and security when driving.
 Man examines damage to the vehicle

Comparing car insurance

How online platforms can help you find a great deal on your car insurance.
 Woman stands in front of her car at the electric charging station and drinks coffee

Car financing: Leasing or loan?

Do you want to buy or lease a car, but are you unsure what makes more sense? Peter was faced with the same question and grappled intensively with the issue of "loan financing or leasing." Read what he found out during his research.
Car maintenance

Car maintenance: What you have to reckon with

Insurance, repairs, leasing fees: A car costs money, even after the purchase. We show you what costs you will have to expect to maintain the car. And where you can save money.
Interchangeable license plate

Interchangeable license plates: Rules and advantages

Interchangeable license plates save you money on insurance and taxes for two vehicles. Find out whether you could benefit from an interchangeable license plate with the help of an example calculation.
loss or parking damage

When you hear the crunch when shopping

If you’re in a hurry when you’re parking it’s so easy to overlook something. But who pays if things go wrong?
A hailstorm.

When it's raining ice

Hailstones can cause terrible damage in the space of just a few minutes. The victims? Fruit trees, windowpanes and, primarily, cars.