PaymentPlan with funds


The Flexible Payment Plan

Do you want to have an additional regular source of income after retirement and to profit from your assets for as long as possible? You can do both with the Zurich Invest Payment Plan – individually tailored to your requirements.

Benefits at a glance

  • Your invested assets allow you to have regular additional income
  • You determine the amount of the contributions and the payment plan entirely according to your requirements
  • Thanks to active asset management, you can take advantage of attractive potential returns
  • You choose the investment strategy that fits you
  • You can withdraw your available capital at any time

More details

With the Zurich Invest PaymentPlan, a single contribution or multiple contributions allow you to receive additional income alongside OASI and pension fund benefits for the duration of the plan. Furthermore, active asset management enables you to take advantage of attractive potential returns.

Good to know

  • Minimum payment CHF 20,000; minimum pension: CHF 200 per installment
  • Annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly payments possible
  • The Zurich Invest PaymentPlan is a product of Zurich Invest Ltd, which manages more than CHF 40 bn and, as an asset manager for collective capital investments, is subject to the supervision of the Swiss Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)

Unique investment, individual profit

  • You determine the total contributions according to your needs and ability to pay
  • You establish your payment plan individually in order to define which withdrawal amounts you wish to collect when and for how long
  • In the event of a positive performance, the withdrawal period is extended
  • Payment of the available capital is possible at any time

Security and potential returns

  • The assets are invested in Zurich Invest Asset Management, where they are professionally invested
  • In the case of the payment plan with immediate payouts, an amount equal to three annual withdrawals is paid into into an account without negative interest
  • You choose between three investment strategies – according to your risk tolerance and return expectations
  • Thanks to automatic regrouping throughout the duration, investment risk is reduced over time
  • Investment funds are subject to value fluctuations and currency risks. Unfavorable market performance can shorten the duration of your payments

Guaranteed flexibility

  • You can pay in additional amounts at any time
  • You can adjust your investment strategy and the amount and duration of the payments as required

Advising you

Combining additional payments and attractive potential returns. We would be glad to advise you.

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