Savings insurance 3a/3b

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Security and returns

With Premium Life, 95% of your savings premiums are guaranteed. At the same time, you get attractive potential for returns – thanks to a leverage certificate.


Protect your loved ones

No one is immune to misfortune. Protect yourself from the financial consequences and safeguard your family while doing so.


Stay flexible

Do you already have fixed plans for the future? Or do you prefer to remain spontaneous? Either way, Premium Life savings insurance can be adapted flexibly to suit your life.

Premium Life savings insurance is right for you if...

  • you have big plans, for example to buy your own home or to retire early
  • you want to invest your money in a savings insurance policy securely but with a focus on returns
  • you wish to protect your loved ones and yourself financially, for example in the event of death
  • your insurance should be flexible to allow you to adapt it if your circumstances change
  • you want your money to be invested by professionals
  • you want to save within the framework of pillar 3a

More details

Combine security and potential for returns

You build up your savings capital with regular premium payments. A guaranteed benefit gives you the necessary security, while a shrewd investment concept offers you additional potential for returns.

Invest cleverly

Five percent of your savings premiums and the surpluses from your retirement provision insurance will be invested in a leverage certificate. This way, you participate in a surpassing proportion in the performance of the Swiss Market Index (SMI).

Benefit from free maturity management

If you wish, towards the end of the term of your life insurance, Zurich will continually shift your assets in the leverage certificate to funds with lower equity ratio and thus a lower risk – all free of charge.

Remain flexible at all times

Round the world trip? Having a baby? Buying a home? Regardless of the direction your life takes, Premium Life can adapt flexibly to you, for example with a break from paying premiums or increased benefits.

Gain considerable tax benefits

As part of the restricted pension plan known as pillar 3a, you can offset the premiums from your life insurance against your income in your tax declaration and thus make considerable savings on tax year after year.

Other customers ask

What are the advantages of an insurance solution?

The Premium Life life insurance offers you three crucial advantages:

  • Thanks to the premium waiver in case of disability, you can achieve your savings goal whatever happens.
  • You can safeguard your loved ones and yourself against misfortune by means of a disability pension or a capital in the event of death.
  • The agreed annual premium for the pension insurance provides for discipline in saving, to ensure you actually achieve your goals.

And if you wish to change something in the meantime, you can simply adapt the premium or the benefits of the insurance flexibly.

Security and returns – isn’t that contradictory?

Often, investors have to choose between these two goals. With Premium Life, you can have both: 95 percent of your deposited savings premiums are safe. For the remaining five percent, we offer you further attractive potential for returns, making saving for retirement provision worth your while.

What would happen if Zurich were to go bankrupt?

95 percent of the savings premiums from your life insurance are invested in the tied assets of Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd. These are subject to regular checks by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, and in the event of bankruptcy would be used exclusively to settle the claims of the insured persons. Whatever happens, this money will be paid out to you. But you needn’t worry: Zurich is financially very solid. Bankruptcy is extremely unlikely now or in the future.

How does the leverage certificate work?

The leverage certificate is a structured financial product that allows for threefold participation in the value development of the Swiss Market Index (SMI). The returns generated by the certificate are therefore three times as great as the returns on the SMI, in the case of both positive and negative returns. The issuer of the certificate is Credit Suisse AG, Zurich. The exchange rate fluctuation (volatility) of the SMI is continually monitored. In case of significant volatility, the leverage is reduced and with it the investment risk.

I am young and unattached – is Premium Life worthwhile for me?

Of course! With a moderate annual premium you remain disciplined – so you can enjoy your life today and still save for tomorrow. After all, the premium waiver in case of disability means you can be sure that you will reach your savings goal with your life insurance. And with disability protection, you as a young person benefit from particularly favorable premiums.

Can I also save on tax with Premium Life?

If you choose Premium Life as part of a pillar 3a restricted pension plan, you may deduct the premiums against your income on your tax return. This means you save a considerable sum in tax, year by year. If your premium is below the maximum permissible amount for pillar 3a, you can top it up to the maximum amount at any time and thus further optimize your tax obligations. With Premium Life in pillar 3b, yields during the term and the payout on expiration remain tax-free.

Our advisory service

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