Go through life with a good feeling

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Go through life with a good feeling

Good retirement provision is worth its while – for old age or unforeseen events. Together, Zurich and Vita fully cover all your private and occupational retirement provision needs.
Do you dream of leading a self-determined, financially independent life? You can’t know your fate, but safeguarding your future gives you a good feeling. Zurich and Vita’s retirement provision solutions provide good options for covering the most important risks and saving for later. Vita, that’s occupational retirement provision for companies – from the Vita Joint Foundations and Zurich Insurance.

Financial protection for unforeseen events

When fate changes the life of a couple or family forever, it presents a great emotional challenge for all involved. If such a situation occurs, it is reassuring to know that at least the financial aspects have been taken care of. A term life insurance policy ensures that your partner or family can continue to live in their own property, pay the mortgage and meet their obligations. Pillar 3b can also be used to the benefit of cohabiting partners – irrespective of the legal succession.

Protection in the event of disability

What if you’re unable to work for a certain amount of time, or even permanently, after an accident and illness? This can result in large gaps in income: insured benefits are usually much lower in the event of illness than if you have an accident. In some cases, benefits from disability insurance (IV) and the pension fund are not sufficient to maintain the standard of living to which one has become accustomed. For homeowners in particular, a reliable income is especially important. A disability pension closes any gaps and also provides security in the event of permanent illness.

Safeguarding the next generation

Everyone wishes all the happiness in the world for their child. And yet you can't protect them from everything. Children who become disabled at a young age due to an accident or serious illness are also financially disadvantaged. It is true that they can expect disability insurance (IV) benefits and some additional benefits. But, because they never have the chance to enter the workforce, they miss out on the very important pension fund protection. To close this security gap, Zurich has developed the "Junior" children's insurance. Depending on the coverage you choose, it will pay up to 1.9 million Swiss francs over the course of life and offers them a bit of independence and self-determination. In addition, with “Junior” insurance, parents, grandparents, godparents or friends can save up capital for the child and turn their 20th birthday into an even more wonderful occasion.

Living the dream into old age

Retirement creates new freedom: suddenly, there's enough time for hobbies, friendships and travel. Experience shows that spending does not decrease significantly after retirement. There are various ways to provide for a self-determined life, but early saving is essential. This can be done by buying into the pension fund and the third pillar. You provide for your current and future plans – with the additional benefits of tax advantages and investment return opportunities. Early planning is worthwhile: whoever makes provision today, can live their dreams tomorrow.

Ahead of the game with smart occupational retirement provision

Entrepreneurs know how important it is to plan ahead. This is no different when it comes to retirement provision. In contrast to state old-age and survivors' insurance (OASI), where companies do not have any choice or scope regarding the configuration, the second pillar offers a comprehensive range of retirement provision solutions. You choose the pension fund and the retirement provision strategy. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who make the right choice can get themselves into a good position on the labor market. Gone are the days when employees' primary concern was salary when choosing their employer. Today, 60 % prefer to receive a slightly lower salary and a good package for retirement provision in return. This was the result of a representative survey conducted by Zurich. The Vita Joint Foundations and Zurich offer companies of all sizes a wide range of needs-based and fair retirement provision solutions. 

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